Mini Project Notice for BTech-CSE(Core – 4th and 6th) and BTech-IT(4th and 6th)

Mini Project Notice for BTech-CSE(Core – 4th and 6th) and BTech-IT(4thand 6th)

The following lists mini-project topics for the students of BTech-CSE(Core), 4th and 6th semester and BTech-IT(4thand 6thsemester). Along with the project list name(s) of faculty member is(are) given who would act as the resource person for the topic. Please contact the faculty member(s) directly to understand the requirements, tools and technologies to be used, final output format, group formation etc.

Note: Last date May 04, 2019

Evaluating Members:

Dr. Santosh Kumar
Dr. Vikash Tripathi
Dr. Koteshwar Rao
Mr. Manish Sharma
Mr. Deepak Uniyal
Mr. Prabhjot Singh
Mr. Akshay Rajput
Mr. Piyush Aggrawal
Ms. Komal Singh
Mr. Sumit Pundir
Mr. Ankur Chaudhary


Sl No 1 to 5 contact persons: Ashish Garg, Akshay Rajput, Komal Singh

  1. Design a prototype for car renting just like ZoomCar portal using struts or spring framework
    2. Design a portal for renting a bike using struts or spring framework. You can use for your reference.
    3. Desing a parser for parsing XML or JSON files using JAVA.
    4. Design a parser for parsing XML or JSON files using Python.
    5. Design a parser for parsing XMLor JSON files using Javascript.

Sl No 6 to 8 contact person: Dr Koteswar Rao

  1. Large-scale face recognition
    7. Object Segmentation using Flash
    8. Dance Classification

Sl No 9 to 13 contact persons: Dr Sachin Sharma

  1. Cloud based Humidity and Temperature monitoring
    10. Cloud based Facial Recognition Door
    11. Cloud based Finite state machine
    12. Cloud based autonomous GPS tracker
    13. Cloud based Smart Greetings


Serial No 1 to 10 contact person Dr Santosh Kumar

  1. Traffic analysis of wireless networks
  2. Performance Analysis of MAC layer and routing protocols
  3. Intelligent software defined networks
  4. Network Monitoring and Management using SNMP Protocol
  5. SNMP based Network Management Tool for Fault Isolation, Detection and Recovery
  6. Semi-supervised Deep Reinforcement Learning in Support of IoT and Smart City Services
  7. Denial-of-Service attacks on 6LoWPAN-RPL networks: Threats and an intrusion detection system proposition
  8. Predictive Analytics for Complex IoT Data Streams
  9. User Next Web Page Recommendation using Weight based Prediction
  10. A Personalized User Profiles Ontology Model for Web Information Gathering

Serial No 11 to 15 contact persons: Ashish Garg, Akshay Rajput, Komal Singh

  1. Design an archive portal to provide university resources to students.
    12. Research work on brain tumor detection using image processing and deep learning.
    13. Research work on detection of cataract in retina scan using image processing and deep learning.
    14. Research work on earthquake prediction.
    15. Research work on automatic cancer detection classification in whole-side lung histopathology.

Sl no 16 to 38 Contact Person: Dr Koteswar Rao

  1. Visual Tree Bark Recognition
    17. Visual Car Classification
    18. Visual Clothes Detection
    19. Visual Clothes Segmentation
    20.     Large-scale face recognition
    21.     Visual Kinship Recognition of Families
    22.     Video Objects Segmentation
    23.     Land Use Classification in Satellite Images
    24.     Dance Classification
    25.   Action Co-segmentation in Videos
    26.   Image Memorability Scoring
    27.   Human Skin Segmentation in Images
    28.   Human Skin Segmentation in Videos
    29.   Visual Footwear Classification
    30.   Shadow Removal in Images
    31.   Shadow Removal in Videos
    32.   Place Recognition in Images
    33.   Visual Human Action Detection
    34.   Video Summarization
    35.   Facial Landmark Detection
    36.   Dog Breed Classification
    37.   Object Segmentation using Flash
    38.   RGB-D Person Re-identification