Mini Project Absentee List – 6th Semester (CSE)

Mini Project Absentee List – 6thSemester (CSE)

The following students of 6th semester (being promoted to 7th semester) have been marked absent in the Mini Project due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The students did not appear for the viva
  2. The students did not appear for the viva in front of any of the designated faculty members.

If you think your name has appeared in the list by mistake and you have given your viva to a designated faculty member within the notified due date contact the concerned faculty member positively by Thursday, 13 June, 1 PM.

Note1: No chance is given to the absentees. Only those who have been mistakenly marked absent need to act.

Note2: Absentee list for CC/BDA/IT is not displayed as the absentees have been confirmed from the respective evaluators.

6 CSE 2011290 Aman Ranjan Gaurav
6 CSE 2011428 Naman  Singla
6 CSE 2011466 Rahul  Sharma
6 CSE 2011526 Shubhankan    Purwal
6 CSE 2008571 Akshay Bhatt