Notice: Professional Certification Details

Notice: Professional Certification Details

All students who have done any professional certification are requested to fill up the details in the following link. The Department gives extra credit for clearing these certifications and the students are also benefitted in the placement drives. Also submit a copy of the certification to Mr Vivekanand at the office of HoD(CSE).

Notice: Non-Submission of Internship Completion Certificate by 7 Sem Students

Non-Submission of Internship Completion Certificate by 7 Sem Students

All 7thsemester students were informed to submit a self-attested copy of their internship certificate (refer to point no 3 of Notice dated 8thJuly). But only a few students have submitted the certificates. The Department has taken a strict view of the same. The students are now directed to submit the same latest by Monday, 22ndJuly.  Failure to submit by this date will result in deduction of 20 marks from Industrial Interaction marks in the first instance.

The submission notice from 8thJuly notice is reproduced below:

Students are required to submit a self-attested copy of the internship certificate which they have undergone after completion of 6thsemester exams. This is a part of your evaluation scheme (100 marks). The viva of the internship will be scheduled soon (within July) hence they students are also advised to keep the internship report prepared. The report has to be submitted during the viva. The self-attested internship certificate copy needs to be submitted to the following faculty members:

CSE: Ankur Choudhary

BDA: Dr Vijay Singh

CC: Akanksha Gupta

IT: Manish Sharma

Notice for 7th semester students

The students of 7thsemester are not attending classes in their full strength and the attendance is low despite the fact that classes have already started from 16thJuly 2019. They are directed to attend the classes regularly as per time table. The attendance criteria for debarring from exams will be strictly enforced and attendance calculations will be done from the day classes have started.

Also note that the students are also required to attend the PDP classes regularly whenever scheduled. The attendance of the PDP classes will also be taken for calculation of final attendance criteria.

Notice Date: 17 July, 2019

Notice Regarding Extra Classes for Debarred Students

Notice Regarding Extra Classes for Debarred Students

The following students have submitted forms for Debarred Students Exam. They are required to meet the concerned faculty members for the subjects they have filled forms as given below for extra lectures.


Aniket Gaur (2012843), Shivam Shah (2012637)

Subject Concerned Faculty Members
CBNST Mohd Tamshir
Finite Automata and Formal Languages Vikash Tripathi
Microprocessor Hemant Pokhriya
Computer Organization Manish Mahajan
Virtualization in Cloud Computing Sachin Sharma
Java Programming Parul Madan
Career Skills Ms. Sweta Bajaj



Sachin Rawat (2011635), Kunal Batsa (2011400), Gaurav Singhal(2011708), Naman Singla(2011428), Akshay Bhatt (2008571), Kishan Chauhan(2011718)

Subject Concerned Faculty Members
Compiler Design Prabhjot Singh
Software Engg Neha Garg
Computer Networks-I Komal Singh
Full Stack Web Development Manish Sharma
DevOPS on Cloud Vijay Singh
Object Oriented Analysis and Design Sourabh Jain
Image Processing and Computer Vision Akshay Rajput
Big data Storage and Processing Vijay Singh
Machine Learning-2 Bhasker Pant
Career Skills Ms. Sweta Bajaj



Notice: Mid Back Lab Exams Notice

All students having mid sem back in the following lab exams are required to appear for the exam as detailed below. Wherever a faculty name is specified the students are required to contact the faculty member within the stipulated days. Students failing to appear in the exams within the due dates will be marked ABSENT and no subsequent chances will be given.

Lab Name Concerned Faculty Member Date
DS Mid Back (PCS 302) Upendra Aswal 17-18 July, 2019
DAA Mid Back (PCS505) Prabhjot Singh 18-19 July, 2019
OS Mid Back(PCS 502) Dr Vikash Tripathi 18-19 July, 2019
Logic Design Mid Back (PCS301) Hemant Pokhriya 17-18 July, 2019
Unix & Shell Programming Mid Back (PCS 303) Sanjeev Kukreti 17-18 July, 2019
DBMS Mid Back (PCS 503) Parul Madan 18-19 July, 2019

CBSNT End term Practical and CBNST Back Practical Schedule

CBNST End Term Practical Schedule

Date Time Roll NO. Concern Faculty Members
11/07/2019 9:00 AM Onwards CS -A     1-40 Mr. Piyush Agarwal

Mr. Ankur Chaudhary

Ms. Akansha Gupta

Mr. Sumit Pundir

Mr. Ramesh Singh Rawat


12/07/2019 9:00 AM Onwards CS- A      41+

CS- B     1-40

13/07/19 9:00 AM Onwards CS – B    41+

CS- C     1-40

15/07/2019 9:00 AM Onwards CS- C     41+

CS- D      1-40

16/07/2019 9:00 AM Onwards CS- D    41+

CS- E    1-40

17/07/2019 9:00 AM Onwards CS- E    41+

B.Tech(IT) All + Back Practical Exam of All Students