Notice: Mid Back Lab Exams Notice

All students having mid sem back in the following lab exams are required to appear for the exam as detailed below. Wherever a faculty name is specified the students are required to contact the faculty member within the stipulated days. Students failing to appear in the exams within the due dates will be marked ABSENT and no subsequent chances will be given.

Lab Name Concerned Faculty Member Date
DS Mid Back (PCS 302) Upendra Aswal 17-18 July, 2019
DAA Mid Back (PCS505) Prabhjot Singh 18-19 July, 2019
OS Mid Back(PCS 502) Dr Vikash Tripathi 18-19 July, 2019
Logic Design Mid Back (PCS301) Hemant Pokhriya 17-18 July, 2019
Unix & Shell Programming Mid Back (PCS 303) Sanjeev Kukreti 17-18 July, 2019
DBMS Mid Back (PCS 503) Parul Madan 18-19 July, 2019