Notice: Minor Update to the Modalities of End Term 2020 Exam

Minor Update to the Modalities of End Term 2020 Exam

There are some changes in the modalities of the End Term Exams 2020 for both regular and back papers. Please read the following carefully.

  1. Minor changes in the Paper Pattern and Marks: The MCQ paper will have 39 questions. 20 questions will have 1 mark and 19 questions have 2 marks (Total: 58 marks)

Subjective Paper will have 5 questions of 14 marks each. Students have to answer any three questions (Total 3 *14 = 42 marks). There may be sub questions.

There is no change in the other details like timings. (See previous notice for the details at:

  1. There is a change in the Subjective Question delivery mode. It was observed during testing phase that some emails are being delivered late, hence, to avoid any issues with timings the question papers will now be made available in google drive (Links below). Question papers will made available on the scheduled date and the scheduled timings (10.55 AM for the morning session and 3.25 PM for the evening session) in the links. Please save the links for quick reference.
Semester Link for Question Paper

Alternatively, the question papers will also be mirrored in the following link at the same time.

Please download the subjective question paper from any of the above channels at the specified timings. If you encounter any difficulty in obtaining the question paper contact your class coordinator or the Nodal Faculty Members.