Departmental Nodal Team for Examinations

Departmental Nodal Team for Examinations

The mid term exams 2020 for 3rd and 5th semester students are commencing on 14th September, 2020 as per schedule already displayed. You must have already received the rules and regulations regarding the exam modalities from your class coordinators. If you have any question regarding the modalities you should contact on any of the number given in the rules and regulations document.

The Department has constituted the following Nodal Team to look into any last-minute problem arising on the days of exam. You may contact any of the following members if you encounter any significant issues. However, keep in mind that you should contact the committee member(s) only if your issue remains unresolved by contacting any of the grievance handling numbers in the Rules and Regulations document.


CSIT Nodal Committee for Exam Related Issues:

  1. Ankur Choudhary (Nodal Officer)-9760316521
  2. Sumit Pundir (Member)-9997219039
  3. Parul Madan (Member)-9557840852
  4. Hemant Pokhriya (Member) -9634749537
  5. Noor Mohd. (Member) -9897404423

You may contact the specific subject Nodal Facilitator for issues arising of the particular subject:

  1. Logic Design-Hemant Pokhriya(9634749537)
  2. OOPS with C++: Ashwini Kumar(9999248007)(9999022385)
  3. Fundamentals of Cloud Computing and Bigdata: Dr Preeti Mishra(8218061127)
  4. Fundamentals of Cyber Security: Dr. Mohd Wazid(8886789560)
  5. Fundamentals of IoT: Dr. Sourabh Jain(9837629011)
  6. Discrete Structures and Combinatorics: Manish Mahajan(9953320255)
  7. Fundamentals of Data Science: Vikas Tomer(7060734224)
  8. Fundamentals of Machine Learning: Akshay Rajput(8076310017)
  9. Software Engg Fundamentals: Neha Garg (9897738782)
  10. Introduction to Web Technology: Manish Sharma(9634432297)
  11. Data Structures: Upendra Aswal(9410712790)
  12. System Software: Piyush Agarwal(7829983490)
  13. Operating Systems: Prabhjot Singh(7755057882)
  14. DBMS: Ankur Choudhary(9760316521)
  15. Software Engg: Garima(9958177157)
  16. Machine Learning: Dr. Rahul Nijhawan(7900283321)(8791758262)
  17. Computer System Security: Dr. Mohd Wazid(8886789560)
  18. Cloud Based App Development: Dr. Sachin Sharma(8319682981)
  19. Bigdata Storage and Processing: Garima(9958177157)
  20. Hadoop Fundamentals: Dr. Vijay SIngh(9760322316)
  21. SCALA Programming: Garima(9958177157)
  22. Data Science: Dr. Vikas Tripathi(9634596042)
  23. Virtualization and Cloud Computing: Dr. Preeti Mishra(8218061127)
  24. Mobile Application Development: Manish Sharma(9634432297)
  25. Artificial Intelligence: Dr. Vikas Tripathi(9634596042)
  26. Design and Analysis of Algorithms: Ankit Tomar(9917200087)
  27. Software Engg: Garima(9958177157)
  28. Java: Priyank Pandey(9560950771)