Elective Choices for 3rd Semester CSE(Core)

 Elective Choices for 3rd Semester CSE(Core)

The 3rd Semester CSE-Core Students are hereby notified to give their preferences for choice of Elective by filling the following form. Please note that elective choice is applicable only for Core Students, for the CST, CE, and AI&DS students the Elective track is fixed.

Please choose the Elective after considering your technical interests and proficiency. Talk to your Coordinator or any faculty member if you need help in choosing the Elective. Once chosen, the choice cannot be changed under any circumstances.

If you do not fill the Elective choice by the due date, you will be allotted an Elective by the Department based on operational factors and no representation will be entertained. So, ensure that you fill your choices.

An Elective will be offered only if a minimum of 60 students choose a subject (the Department may lower the minimum requirement based on circumstances, but it is not guaranteed). It is henceforth essential that you give all choices in order of preference. You will be allotted your first preference if it is offered based on enough number of students choosing it, if not offered you will be allotted your second preference and so on.

The Last Date of giving your choice is 5 PM of Monday, 30 August 2021.

Provide your elective choice in the following link: