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Notice: 3rd Semester Mini Project Registration

Notice: 3rd Semester Mini Project Registration

All 3rd semester students were previously notified regarding their mini projects vide notice:

The students are now required to register their mini projects using the following link. As already mentioned, there is a maximum cap on the number of students who can opt for a single topic. The registration link is:

Default id, password – student, student

Use the following video to understand the process:

Ensure that you use only your University Roll No correctly, do not use Admission No or Registration number.

The last date of Registration is 5PM of Wednesday, 22 Sep, 2021. Once you register the topic you can immediately start working on it.

Notice: Mini Project Notice for 3rd Semester

Mini Project Notice for 3rd Semester

All students of 3rd Semester (CSE, CE, CE-Specializations, CST, CST-Specializations, AI&DS) are notified regarding their mini projects. The mini-project topics are available here: Click Here

As the 3rd semester students are not familiar with mini-projects, the following information is shared so that they are ready with the requirements:

  1. Mini Projects are part of the scheme of study every semester starting from 3rd semester to 6th It consists of 100 marks.
  2. It consists of working on a topic given by the Department. The topics are usually mid sized projects that involves extensive coding work resulting in building a fully working product. The students are expected to follow strict coding standards.
  3. Each student will work individually on their own. There are no group projects.
  4. The topics are provided by faculty members who will work as a resource person for the topic. The students are expected to contact the concerned faculty member to understand the details of the project.
  5. Each student will need to register their topics. The registration page will be open on 17th September, 2021. The list is provided in advance so that students can decide their working area as well as consult the concerned faculty members for guidance.
  6. There will be a cap of 10 for each topic, i.e., one topic can be selected by maximum 10 students. This option will be enabled in the topic registration portal. Once a topic attains the limit, the topic will automatically get removed from the portal. The allocation will thus happen in First come first serve basis. Students are hence advised to register the topics as soon as the portal is open.


Regarding ICT DXC program for Female Students

Regarding ICT DXC program for Female Students

ICT DXC selected 100 students for the DXC Technology Women Empowerment Program last semester.
It was a self learning program and a key for various placement and career opportunities for selected students.
The complete student list can be checked in the previous notice <>
As notified earlier to the selected final year students that they are required to complete all the three modules – Soft Skills, Foundation Skills, Technical Skills by September and only few of the selected students have completed this course.
We have other learning and placement activities lined up after completion of the course, hence it is a request to all the listed students to complete/progress with the course by 10th September 2021 or else you will be replaced by some other deserving candidate . Each student can track its performance via their login details shared by ICT.

Any new student willing to be part of this initiative can fill up this form by 10th September 2021:

Notice: Mini Project 5th Sem Registration for Defaulters

Notice: Mini Project 5th Sem Registration for Defaulters

The last date for mini project registration for 5th semester was Wednesday, 25thAugust, 2021. After scrutiny it has been found that few odd students did not register for the same.

These defaulter students are given one final chance to register their topics. The deadline is 5PM of Friday, 3rdSeptember. Any student who fails to register by this date will be summarily marked Absent and no further representation will be entertained under any circumstances.

The process of registration is same as was given in the original notice at ( )

Elective Choices for 3rd Semester CSE(Core)

 Elective Choices for 3rd Semester CSE(Core)

The 3rd Semester CSE-Core Students are hereby notified to give their preferences for choice of Elective by filling the following form. Please note that elective choice is applicable only for Core Students, for the CST, CE, and AI&DS students the Elective track is fixed.

Please choose the Elective after considering your technical interests and proficiency. Talk to your Coordinator or any faculty member if you need help in choosing the Elective. Once chosen, the choice cannot be changed under any circumstances.

If you do not fill the Elective choice by the due date, you will be allotted an Elective by the Department based on operational factors and no representation will be entertained. So, ensure that you fill your choices.

An Elective will be offered only if a minimum of 60 students choose a subject (the Department may lower the minimum requirement based on circumstances, but it is not guaranteed). It is henceforth essential that you give all choices in order of preference. You will be allotted your first preference if it is offered based on enough number of students choosing it, if not offered you will be allotted your second preference and so on.

The Last Date of giving your choice is 5 PM of Monday, 30 August 2021.

Provide your elective choice in the following link:

Notice: Last Date of Major Project Abstract Submission for 7th  Sem students

Notice: Last Date of Major Project Abstract Submission for 7th  Sem students

The students of 7th semester have already been directed to submit details and abstracts about their final year major project vide previous notice ( ) . The last date of submission was 20th August, 2021. Most of the students have already submitted their details, but few students have not submitted yet.

All remaining students are hereby informed that they have to compulsorily submit their details and abstracts latest by 5PM of Wednesday, 25th August, 2021. A penalty of 10 marks will be imposed for all students who have missed the first deadline of 20th August, 2021. Any student who does not submit the details and abstract by the extended due date of 25th August, 2021 will summarily be marked ABSENT in the Major Project Phase-I of 7th semester.