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Notice: Data Structures Mid-Term Practical Exams for 3rd Semester

Notice: Data Structures Mid-Term Practical Exams for 3rd Semester

All the students of 3rd semester are hereby notified that their Data Structures Mid-Term Practical Exams will start from Monday, 21 October, 2019 onwards. The exams will be held during their regular Data Structure Lab timings.

For any query contact Upendra Aswal, Asst Prof, Department of CSE.


Notice: Grafest 2019 Audition

Grafest 2019 Audition Notice

Grafest 2019 is scheduled from Oct 22 to Oct 24, 2019. Participants are required for the following events. The number shows the required number of participants/groups from the Department CSE/IT.

Folk Group Dance – 2

Western Group Dance – 2

Solo Dance (Folk) – 2

Solo Dance (Western) – 2

Solo Song (Hindi) – 2

Solo Song (English) – 2

Band – 1

Duet Dance – 2 (Any category)

Open mic – Rapper / Beat Boxer / Poet / Comedian / Magician – 2 for any one

Amchors – 2 (One Male, One Female)

The following faculty members will take the auditions for selection for the Department of CSE/IT. Interested students are advised to give their names to any one of them immediately for scheduling the auditions.

Ms. Neha Garg

Ms. Akansha Gupta

Ms. Parul Madan

Ms. Akanksha Kapruwan

Notice: Attendance of 5th sem CC students in Salesforce Training

Notice: Attendance of 5th sem CC students in Salesforce Training

An industrial training on Salesforce was scheduled for the students of 5th Semester Cloud Computing students starting from 9th October. It was compulsory for all the students of 5th CC as per previous directive.

However as on the third day of the training the attendance of students has been abysmal. This is quite an embarrassing scenario for the trainer. Also the University and the Department invests heavily on these trainings for the benefits of students. Non-attendance causes serious damage to these investments and also to the academia-industry relationship.

All students of 5th semester Cloud Computing are hereby directed to attend the training till the end without fail. The training is scheduled on Saturday also.

Students are hereby warned that failure to attend the training will have a severe impact on future trainings. There was a recent episode where students of 5th CC have given a written application for organizing more trainings. Writing such applications and then not attending defeats the whole purpose. Any request for any issues from these students will not be entertained in future.

Notice: Disciplinary Actions against 3rd semester students of B.Tech Computer Science and Engg


Notice: Disciplinary Actions against 3rd semester students of B.Tech Computer Science and Engg


The following students of 3rd semester have been found to be exhibiting a nonchalant attitude towards academics by being absent for regular classes including Data Structures. As a disciplinary measure the students are required to do the following:

  1. Submit a 100-page handwritten assignment of a technical topic of relevance. The assignment must be submitted to the respective class coordinator without fail by Thursday, 10 Oct failing which severe disciplinary actions will be initiated.
  2. The students are also required to give a half an hour presentation on the topic. The presentation will be videotaped. The schedule of the presentation is displayed below.
Roll No Student’s Name Father Name Presentation Schedule

Date: Monday, 14 Oct 2019

Sec:- E  
04 Ajeet Kr. Maurya Mr. Arvind Kr. Maurya 12:00 Noon-12:30 PM
26 Priyanshu Kumar Sh. Kumar Sudhir 12:30 PM- 01:00 PM
  Sec:- D  
11 Anurag Pant Mr. Janki Parasad Pant 11:00 AM-11:30 AM
14 Aviral Dabral Mr. Shailendra kr Dabral 11:30 AM-12:00 Noon
18 Deepak Rana Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh 04:00 PM-04:30 PM
25 Hritik Garg Mr. Mukul Garg 04:30 PM-05:00PM
Sec:- CC  
18 Abhishek Mishra Mr. Bimal Kr. Mishra 02:00 PM -02:30 PM
Sec:- DS  
19 Siddhant Gurung Mr. Sandeep Gurung 02:30 PM-03:00PM


Notice:Bolt IoT and ML Innovation Challenge

Bolt IoT and ML Innovation Challenge Link

Step1: Students will have to answer a scholarship test to qualify for participating in the competition. The qualifying students will also get the IoT and ML training for FREE. They only need to purchase the necessary hardware kit required to build the hands-on projects during the training as well as the competition. To answer the scholarship, students have to visit


Step 2: Our team of developers will train the students on the concepts of IoT and ML via online video training.


Step 3: The students have to build an innovative project in the area of IoT or ML by applying the learnings during the training.


Step 4: The winners will be judged by engineers who have worked at prestigious organisations like Amazon.