­Mini Project Notice for BTech-CSE(Core – 4th and 6th) and BTech-IT(4th and 6th)

The following lists mini-project topics for the students of BTech-CSE(Core), 4th and 6th semester and BTech-IT(4th and 6th semester). Along with the project list name(s) of faculty member is(are) given who would act as the resource person for the topic. Please contact the faculty member(s) directly to understand the requirements, tools and technologies to be used, final output format, group formation etc.

Note: Last date May 04, 2019

Evaluating Members:

Dr. Santosh Kumar
Dr. Vikash Tripathi
Dr. Koteshwar Rao
Mr. Manish Sharma
Mr. Deepak Uniyal
Mr. Prabhjot Singh
Mr. Akshay Rajput
Mr. Piyush Aggrawal
Ms. Komal Singh
Mr. Sumit Pundir
Mr. Ankur Chaudhary

4th Semester:

Sl No 1 to 5 contact persons: Ashish Garg, Akshay Rajput, Komal Singh

1. Design a prototype for car renting just like ZoomCar portal using struts or spring framework
2. Design a portal for renting a bike using struts or spring framework. You can use rentrip.in for your reference.
3. Desing a parser for parsing XML or JSON files using JAVA.
4. Design a parser for parsing XML or JSON files using Python.
5. Design a parser for parsing XMLor JSON files using Javascript.

Sl No 6 to 8 contact person: Dr Koteswar Rao

6. Large-scale face recognition
7. Object Segmentation using Flash
8. Dance Classification

Sl No 9 to 13 contact person: Dr Sachin Sharma

9. Cloud based Humidity and Temperature monitoring
10. Cloud based Facial Recognition Door
11. Cloud based Finite state machine
12. Cloud based autonomous GPS tracker
13. Cloud based Smart Greetings

Sl No 14-15 contact person: Piyush Agarwal

14.The dataset is about the suicides committed by the different group of peoples globally. Analyse the data and find signals correlated to increased suicide rates.

Dataset can be found in the given below link: https://www.kaggle.com/russellyates88/suicide-rates-overview-1985-to-2016/downloads/suicide-rates-overview-1985-to-2016.zip/1

15.The aim of the project is to help the Android app developer is make insights for them to work on and capture the market. Draw the actionable insights for the developer, so that it will help to polpularise his app.


Sl No 16-17 contact person: Hemant Pokhriya

16. Time series analysis in remote sensing
17. Land cover classification map and change detection in study area


6th Semester

Serial No 1 to 10 contact person Dr Santosh Kumar

  1. Traffic analysis of wireless networks
  2. Performance Analysis of MAC layer and routing protocols
  3. Intelligent software defined networks 
  4. Network Monitoring and Management using SNMP Protocol
  5. SNMP based Network Management Tool for Fault Isolation, Detection and Recovery
  6. Semi-supervised Deep Reinforcement Learning in Support of IoT and Smart City Services
  7. Denial-of-Service attacks on 6LoWPAN-RPL networks: Threats and an intrusion detection system proposition
  8. Predictive Analytics for Complex IoT Data Streams
  9. User Next Web Page Recommendation using Weight based Prediction
  10. A Personalized User Profiles Ontology Model for Web Information Gathering

Serial No 11 to 15 contact persons: Ashish Garg, Akshay Rajput, Komal Singh

11. Design an archive portal to provide university resources to students.
12. Research work on brain tumor detection using image processing and deep learning.
13. Research work on detection of cataract in retina scan using image processing and deep learning.
14. Research work on earthquake prediction.
15. Research work on automatic cancer detection classification in whole-side lung histopathology.

Sl no 16 to 38 Contact Person: Dr Koteswar Rao

16. Visual Tree Bark Recognition
17. Visual Car Classification
18.     Visual Clothes Detection
19.     Visual Clothes Segmentation
20.     Large-scale face recognition
21.     Visual Kinship Recognition of Families
22.     Video Objects Segmentation
23.     Land Use Classification in Satellite Images
24.     Dance Classification
25.   Action Co-segmentation in Videos
26.   Image Memorability Scoring
27.   Human Skin Segmentation in Images
28.   Human Skin Segmentation in Videos
29.   Visual Footwear Classification
30.   Shadow Removal in Images
31.   Shadow Removal in Videos
32.   Place Recognition in Images
33.   Visual Human Action Detection
34.   Video Summarization
35.   Facial Landmark Detection
36.   Dog Breed Classification
37.   Object Segmentation using Flash
38.   RGB-D Person Re-identification

Sl no 39 to 51 Contact Person: Dr Ankur Dumka

39. Human Activity Recognition system

40. Implement Homomorphic Encryption on Database

41. Air Quality prediction using Artificial Neural Network

42. Collaborative filtering based recommended system

43. Location based smart waste management

44. PDF viewer and editor with offline dictionary

45. Analysis of Brain wave activities for human safety

46. Virtual Classroom System using Java

47. Searching Software in java using Elastic search, log stach & Kibana

48. Comparision of Runtime performance optimizations using template metaprogramming

49. Web Application using Microsoft Azure understanding and implementation of Cloud Services

50. Real Time Social Event Monitoring

51. Go biking restaurant management system using java and SQL

Sl no 52 to 59 Contact Person: Dr Vikas Tripathi

52) Text Recognition in Images by Python

Text recognition of an image is a very useful step to get the recovery of multimedia content. The proposed system is used to detect the text in images automatically and remove horizontally associated text with difficult backgrounds.

This project is based on applications like a color decrease technique, a technique for edge recognition, as well as the localization of text areas and geometrical belongings. The text on the image contains very useful information for different types of documents.

The removal of text from an image is a difficult job. The text is detected and is extracted for the readers without any trouble. This project uses a quick text localization technique for all the achievable edges in the image.

53) Driver Sleepiness Detection using Python

A new approach towards automobile safety and security in an autonomous area is primarily expected on the automotive system. Nowadays, an automobile drowsy driving accident has been increased. To overcome this problem, here is a project solution namely driver alert system, which gives an alert by watching each driver’s eyes while driving a vehicle.

54) Face Detection using Python

The main objective of this project is to detect the face in real-time and also for tracking the face continuously. This is an easy example for detecting the face using python, and instead of face detection, we can also use any other object of our choice.

55) Erosion & Dilation of Images

There are several types of morphological operations are available for the image processing. But, the image processing can be done using the most common types of morphological operations based on the image shape such as Erosion & Dilation. Here, Erosion is used to reduce the feature of an image whereas dilation is used to increase the area and emphasize features of an object.

56) Cartooning of an Image using Python

In the past few years, image cartoonizer-software has been used for converting the normal image into a cartoon image. In this process, an edge detection and bilateral filter are required. The bilateral filter is used to reduce the color palette of an image. Afterward, we can apply edge detection to this image for generating a dark shaped image. Therefore, finally, some tricks can apply for this image to get a cartoon image.

57) Image Slider using MATLAB

Image slider project is used to control the wallpapers with the hand’s motion using MATLAB. This task can be completed by combining a number of functions.

This project uses a webcam to capture the image, and if the image has a consistent background then the result will be false. So we have to maintain the background consistent. The applications of this project mainly include home appliance control, home appliances, etc.

58) Computer Vision Based Smart Selfie: In this project, one can learn to develop a computer vision based smart selfie application which can take snaps/pictures automatically when you smile using the facial feature recognition algorithm and save it on your device.

59)Identification of Human act by image processing: This project is used to identify the human act using image processing algorithms in real time, and the main intention is to communicate the identified gestures using the camera system. All the human activities such as movement of arms, running, walking, eating, etc. are recorded and saved on the database. After that, if any such activity is performed by an individual in front of the system, then it will activate the signal and the system will detect it. This project uses the method of process matching to understand the actions of the recorded video.

Sl no 60 Contact Person: Prabhjot Singh

60) Face Alignment: Face alignment is a computer vision technology for identifying the geometric structure of human faces in digital images. Given the location and size of a face, it automatically determines the shape of the face components such as eyes , nose and lips.A face alignment program typically operates by iteratively adjusting a deformable models, which encodes the prior knowledge of face shape or appearance, to take into account the low-level image evidences and find the face that is present in the image.  

The goal of face alignment is to establish correspondence among different faces so that the subsequent image analysis tasks can be performed on a common basis. Face alignment find its use in various applications like in suspect detection, face swapping, surveillance, face recognition, face aging and many more.

Sl no 61 Contact Person: Deepak Uniyal

61) BlackJack Game: http://csitgeu.in/mt/BlackJack_Game.pdf

Sl no 62-63 Contact Person: Dr Rahul Nijhawan

62) Application of ML techniques  on satellite images/railway tracks

63) Application of Deep Learning algorithms on medical images/food classification