Mini Project Notice for 5th Semester Students (CSE-IBM Specializations)

The following lists mini-project topics for the students of BTech-CSE(IBM specializations) 5th semester.

Mini Projects will be done individually. No group work is allowed.

Expected Evaluation Date: First week of November. Exact dates of evaluation will be subsequently notified.

Evaluation Panel(s): Will be directly evaluated by IBM

Note: For any query contact the IBM Resource person directly.


For specialization in Cloud Computing and For Specialization in Machine Learning students

1.     Object Detection

2.     Text Extraction from Image

3.     Bank application Chatbot

4.     E-commerce Chatbot

5.     Bitcoin Price Prediction

6.     Lane Line detection System

7.     Covid-19 Analysis using visualization

8.     Travel Organiser Bot

9.     Predict Fraud Detection using Auto AI

10.  Customer service and marketing bot.

For specialization in Data Science Students

11.  Credit Card Fraud Detection

12.  Movie recommendation system

13.  Bank Marketing

14.  Genpact food demand

15.  H.R analytics