Mini Project Notice for 4th Semester Students

The mini project allocation for all the 4th semester students is required to be completed by end of March. For understanding purpose, we are displaying all the available project and domain area choices one week before actual submission of your choice. Along with the project list name(s) of faculty members is(are) given who would act as the resource person for that topic. In case of any queries, students are directed to contact the respective faculty member(s) to directly understand the requirements, tools, and technologies to be used, final expected outcomes, outcome formats, etc. There will a cap on choosing the same topic so it is good to keep at least 03 project choice of your interest to be filled over registration link, the registration link will be shared by next week on CSIT portal only.

All the projects required to be done individually. No group project allowed.

Serial Number 1 to 3 contact person: Dr. Sachin Sharma(Email :

1.     Blockchain-enabled Decentralized Cloud/Edge Computing

2.     Intelligence in the Edge-Cloud: Theories, Modelling, and Algorithms for Secure Smart Services

3.     Empowering the Future Generation Cloud Computing with Internet of Things

Serial Number 4 to 8 contact person: Dr. Jay Bhatnagar (Email :

4.     Smart feedback / Active Document ML (commercial use)

5.     UI / Android app to mimick string movement (mid to large scale commercial use)

6.     Competitive Machine Learning for Product Analytics (commercial / academic use )

7.     Universal metric for estimating password strength

8.     Novel wellness sentiment metric for employees

Serial Number 9 to 14 contact person: Mr Arnav Kotiyal (Email :

9.     Smart Waste Management System

10.  Augmented Reality-based Education System

11.  Automatic Plant Disease Detection

12.  Intelligent Energy Management System

13.  Augmented Reality-based Virtual Tour Guide

14.  Virtual Reality-based Training System

Serial Number 15 to 17 contact person: Dr. Sharon Christa (Email :

15.  Web scraping and generating dataset.

16.  UAV traffic routing control

17.  DDoS simulation and detection

Serial Number 18 to 22 contact person: Dr. Manoj Diwaker (Email :

18.  Disease Prediction using Deep Learning

19.  Video Anomaly Detection

20.  Multi-modality medical image fusion

21.  Multi-focus image fusion

22.  SAR/Ultrasound Image Despeckling

Serial Number 23 to 25 contact person: Hemant Pokhariya (Email :

23.  Impact of LULC changes on ecosystem

24.  Land cover and land use classification performance of machine learning algorithms

25.  Investigating the impacts of urbanization on different land cover classes and land surface temperature using GIS and RS techniques

Serial Number 26 to 28 contact person: Mr. Ankit Tomar (Email :

26.  Voice based gender identification using deep learning

27.  Human motion trajectory prediction at crowded places.

28.  Group face expression recognition in Deep Learning

Serial Number 29 to 31 contact person: Mr. Ankit Gupta (Email :

29.  Voice based gender identification using deep learning.

30.  Group face emotion recognition in Deep Learning.

31.  Crowd density level identification

Serial Number 32 to 34 contact person: Dr. Priya Matta (Email :

32.  Touch Screen based Home Automation System

33.  Raspberry Pi Motion Detector with Photo Capture

34.  Home Automation Using Digital Control

Serial Number 35 to 37 contact person: Dr. Upma Jain (Email : )

35.  Smoke detector robot

36.  Line follwer robot

37.  Obstacle avoidance car

Serial Number 38 to 40 contact person: Ms Tanusha Mittal (Email :

38.  bFit-A Cognitive Game

39.  Library Management System

40.  QuizUp - A Quiz Application

Serial Number 41 to 44 contact person: Mr Ramesh Singh Rawat (Email :

41.  Malware Detection and Mitigation Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Honeypots

42.  Botnet DDoS Attack Detection Using Machine Learning & Deep Learning Algorithms

43.  Investigate the DDoS attacks and then apply feature extraction methods for Detection of the attack Using Machine Learning & Deep Learning Algorithms.

44.  Website Development using latest Tools - Design Themes and Templates

Serial Number 45 to 47 contact person: Mr Saurabh Kumar Mishra (Email :

45.  Crowd inflow and outflow estimation of a place using openCV

46.  Driver insomnia detection using face expression recognition

47.  Group face expression recognition in Deep Learning

Serial Number 48 to 50 contact person: Ms Meenakshi Maindola (Email :

48.  Signature Verification System

49.  Comparison of Audio Classification Techniques

50.  Detecting Brain Tumors and Alzheimer’s Using Python

Serial Number 51 to 53 contact person: Dr. Neha Tripathi (Email :

51.  Malware attacks detection and mitigation

52.  Authentication scheme for secure IoT communication.

53.  Key management scheme for secure communication

Serial Number 54 to 56 contact person: Prof. (Dr.) Mohammad Wazid (Email :

54.  Malware attacks detection and mitigation

55.  Authentication scheme for secure IoT communication.

56.  Key management scheme for secure communication

Serial Number 57 to 62 contact person: Dr. Surendra Kumar Shukla (Email :

57.  BigMart Sales Prediction

58.  Fake News Detection

59.  Stock Prices Predictor

60.  Early Drowsiness Detection of Drivers using Machine Learning Algorithm To Prevent Road Accidents

61.  Machine Learning-Based Heart Disease Prediction

62.  Traffic Prediction for Intelligent Transportation System

Serial Number 63 to 65 contact person: Dr. S S Samant (Email :

63.  Social media based health analysis of a user

64.  Devising Hindi NLP system

65.  Text classification

Serial Number 66 to 68 contact person: Dr. A. Suresh Kumar (Email :

66.  Twitter Data Sentimental Analysis Using machine learning multiple classifications

67.  Suspected activities in living environment using deep learning

68.  Stock Market Prediction Strategies using Deep Learning Algorithm

Serial Number 69 to 73 contact person: Dr. Ashwini Kumar Singh (Email :

69.  Detecting Biases in social media

70.  Misinformation/Fake news in social media spaces.

71.  Influence maximization in social networks.

72.  Online harm detection.

73.  Political polarization on online platforms.

Serial Number 74 to 76 contact person: Mr Siddhant Thapliyal (Email :

74.  IoT based smart Framework for secure Healthcare Server

75.  Malware Detection Using Machine Learning

76.  Secure Smart Healthcare Mechanism

Serial Number 77 to 79 contact person: Mr Pankaj Kumar (Email :

77.  Real-time web search engine

78.  Task Management Application

79.  Evaluation of Academic Performance

Serial Number 80 to 82 contact person: Mr ASHWINI KUMAR (Email :




Serial Number 83 to 85 contact person: Mr Vidit Kumar (Email :

83.  Deep learning based medical image classification for disease diagnosis

84.  Plant disease prediction using convolutional neural network

85.  Handwritten character recognition using deep learning

Serial Number 86 to 88 contact person: Mr Yuvraj Joshi (Email :

86.  CLI Based Chat Tool

87.  URL Shortener using Django.

88.  Companion App: A mental health tracker built using Flutter and Firebase

Serial Number 89 to 91 contact person: Mr Kireet Joshi (Email :

89.  Blockchain applications

90.  Cyber Security

91.  Natural language Processing