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Notice: Rescheduling of Mini Project Evaluation of 4th Semester

Notice: Rescheduling of Mini Project Evaluation of 4th Semester

Keeping in view of the current pandemic situation and to assist the affected student community it has been decided to reschedule the evaluation of Mini Project for 4th semester. Students are advised to utilize the extra time judiciously. Please read the following carefully:

  1. The date of submission of shared google drive containing video presentation and report is now extended to 5PM of Saturday, 22nd May, 2021. This is a hard deadline and no further extension will be given. All 4thsemester students including the GCCF students are required to submit their links by the scheduled date and time.

Students should submit their links and other details using the following form (the form will be closed at the scheduled time):

  1. The external viva for the mini project will be held immediately after the end term theory exams. The dates and section wise schedule will be notified in due time.

Modified Schedule for Mini Project Viva/ Demonstration and Additional Information

Modified Schedule for Mini Project Viva/ Demonstration and Additional Information

There are few changes to the schedule of Mini Project Viva. 6th sem viva is now rescheduled for 15th and 16th May, 2021. There are also additional information for the students as given below:

  1. The viva of the both 4th and 6th sem students will be taken by External Examiners (from IITs/NITs/Research Institutions and Industries). Students are advised to prepare for the same with utmost dedication and their project should follow all good programming practices. The external examiners will do a complete 360 degree assessment and give marks based on that.
  2. For 4th sem it is reiterated that it is compulsory for all the GCCF students to appear for the viva. If their performance is not satisfactory in the viva their marks will be deducted accordingly.
  3. The dates may get extended by a day if viva of all students cannot be completed within the given dates. So be prepared for that.
  4. Any changes will be notified.

The updated schedule of 6th semester mini project viva is as follows:

6th Sem

Section Revised Schedule Roll No Wise (Time: 09 AM onwards or separately informed by internal Evaluator )


Roll Nos 1 to 35: 15-5-2021

Roll Nos 36+: 16-5-2021



Schedule for Mini Project Viva/ Demonstration

Schedule for Mini Project Viva/ Demonstration

4th Sem

Section Schedule Class  Roll No Wise (Time: 09 AM onwards or separately informed by Evaluator ) Evaluator





Roll Nos 1 to 35: 15-5-2021

Roll Nos 36+: 16-5-2021

Mr. Akshay Rajput
B Mr. Kireet Joshi
C Mr. Vikas Tomer
D Mr. Pankaj Kumar
E Mr. Deepak Uniyal
F Dr Manoj Diwaker
G Mr. Ashwini Kumar
H Ms. Sarishma
DS Mr. Ashish Garg
ML Dr Preeti Mishra
CC-IS Dr. Mohd Wazid
SE Dr. Vikas Tripathi
CE Mr. Piyush Agarwal
CST Mr. Ankit Tomer
D4 Dr. Sachin Sharma/ Mr. Sanjeev Kukreti
IT Mr. Manish Sharma


6th Sem

Section Schedule Roll No Wise (Time: 09 AM onwards or separately informed by Evaluator ) Evaluator


Roll Nos 1 to 35: 17-5-2021

Roll Nos 36+: 18-5-2021

Mr. Vikas Tomer
B Mr. Ashish Garg
C Mr. Deepak Uniyal
D Mr. Akshay Rajput
E Mr. Pankaj Kumar
IT Mr. Ashwini Kumar


The recordings will be further evaluated by the following panel

  1. Dr Devesh Pratap Singh
  2. D Bordoloi
  3. Dr Bhasker Pant
  4. Dr Santosh Kumar

 Updated Notice Regarding Mini Project Evaluation of 4th and 6th Sem: Modified Evaluation Modalities

 Updated Notice Regarding Mini Project Evaluation of 4th and 6th Sem: Modified Evaluation Modalities


In partial modification to the earlier notice regarding Mini Project evaluation of 4th and 6th sem (available at the students are informed that the modality of evaluation has been modified. Students are advised to go through the following carefully regarding the changed modality of evaluation.

  1. The students will prepare the video and report as usual as per previous notice.
  2. Each student will appear for an online viva regarding their mini project through Microsoft Teams/other online platforms. The online viva will be scheduled for 4th semester on 15th and 16th May, 2021 and for 6th semester on 17th and 18th One additional day may be used if required. The section wise schedule will be displayed separately. This viva is mandatory and students who fail to appear in the viva will be summarily marked Absent.
  3. The students should keep their code and application ready during the viva. They will share their screen for code and demonstrating their application as and when required by the evaluator.
  4. The evaluator will be added to the official class Whatsapp group and he/she will provide directions to the students through the Whatsapp official class group only.
  5. The evaluator will instantly provide feedback to the student after the viva. Only those students whose performance will be satisfactory during the viva are required to upload their report and recording. Those students whose performance are not satisfactory will be informed then and therein during the viva and they will be marked Failed in mini project. Such students are not eligible to upload their report and recording. Copying from internet, exchange of code will also result in Failed grade.
  6. The concerned evaluator will share a google form for the particular sections and all the students who are successful in the viva will upload their shareable google drive links containing the video and report immediately after completion of the viva. Unsuccessful students are not required to share it.
  7. The entire viva process will be recorded and further evaluated by a panel of senior faculty members. And case of copying detected later on will attract severe penalty.
  8. Special Note: 4th sem students who selected the GCCF route for mini projects will also appear for the viva.

Notice: End Term Practical Exams of 4th and 6th sem 2021

Notice: End Term Practical Exams of 4th and 6th sem 2021

The End Term Practical Exams will be held immediately after the End Term Theory Exams. The schedule will be displayed at suitable time.

For the information of the students the modalities of End Term Practical Exam will be as under:

  1. The questions for the write up part will be provided at the scheduled time only on the day of exam. Submission of the answer script will be done according to instructions within stipulated time.
  2. After the submission there will be online viva through Microsoft Teams/Other online platform. The viva schedule will be intimated by the Examiner faculty members through official channels. Viva will be taken by Senior Faculty members and External Experts. The viva for Data Structures(4th Sem), CBNST(4th Sem) and DAA(6th sem) will be taken by Hon’ble President sir himself.
  3. Students must complete both the parts (write up and online viva).
  4. Viva will be recorded.
  5. Marks will be suitably divided between write up and viva.

Notice: Final Major Project Evaluation for 8th Semester Students

 Notice: Final Major Project Evaluation for 8th Semester Students

Due to current situation the conventional Major Project Final Evaluation 2021 for 8th semester students is replaced by online Evaluation.

The Major Project is the milestone of your B.Tech. and total 300 marks are allotted to it.

The conventional scheme marks is divided into three parts [Project Phase-II(which is based on report and project demonstration-100 marks), Seminar (which is based on presentation-Marks) and Comprehensive Viva-Voce(which is based on viva-100 Marks)]. The online evaluation will be done through Video Presentation and Report Submission. The marking scheme will remain the same for online evaluation, marks for all the three components will be suitably distributed between the video presentation and the report.

There are multiple steps to be followed. Please go through the following very carefully.

  1. The due date of project submission will be Saturday, 22nd May, 2021. Method of submission will be intimated in due time. You are advised to complete all the necessary steps well ahead of due date.
  2. All students are compulsorily required to reconfirm their groups information using the following link latest by Tuesday, 11th May, 2021. If you have changed project titles and/or groups due to varied circumstances simply provide the new information here. If you have not changed anything even then you have to fill it up (Avoid repetition, ensure only one member of a group fills this form).

  1. The following are the essential components for evaluation. Each student must prepare the following (read very carefully)
    A)Soft Copy Report Submission: Students should prepare a comprehensive report on their project. For group projects combined report will be prepared, however each student will upload a copy individually during submission. For example, if the roll nos 2011010, 2011011 and 2011012 have done a project in group they will prepare a single report, but the same report must be uploaded by each of the students during submission. The report should be saved in either doc/docx or pdf format. The file should be simply named: projectreport.docx/pdf
    The report should be prepared by following the guidelines available at: Presentation Submission: Each student should prepare a video presentation of at least 20 minutes. It should be obvious that for group projects each student should prepare his/her own individual presentation video. The video should contain the following in sequence. Since there will no separate viva hence complete seminar(100 Marks) and viva marks(100 marks) will be based on this video presentation, so prepare this with utmost dedication. Wherever possible, be in Uniform during the recording, if not possible be dressed sensibly.
  • i) First give your introduction (should contain your Name, Univ Roll No, Branch-Specialization). If it is a group project take the names of your project partners
  • ii)Tell about the title of the project and the guide
  • iii)Speak about the evolution of the project throughout starting from conception. How and why you chose the project, how you progressed, (Imp: If you have changed project and/or groups you have to speak about this too; example-initially I has chosen this topic yyy, however before going for development we faced yyy difficulties/my other partners went for yyy organizations and it was difficult for me to complete alone/etc, hence after discussion with my guide I chose this topic..). This part is very essential as it will capture the entire timeline of the project from inception to completion, you should give a lot of emphasis to this part.
  • iv)If it was a group project talk about your specific roles and responsibilities. Briefly talk about the roles of your partners. Talk how did you collaborated in writing the report.
  • v)Talk about the specific tools and technologies used in the project.
  • vi)Give a demonstration of the project wherever possible. When it is not possible to demonstrate explain the working using suitable methods.
  • vii)Talk about any testing you have performed.
  • viii)Talk about the utility of the project
  • ix)Conclude

4. Prepare the Report and Video Presentation well before the due date of submission to avoid last minute difficulties.

5. For any issues/queries regarding your project talk to your project guide. If you have any query that cannot be resolved at your supervisor’s end, please send an email to dibyahash.cse AT with your query. For any personal difficulties during these trying times please contact your mentor or class coordinator for necessary guidance.

Wishing successful graduation for all the students of 8th Sem.



All students who are currently in 6th Semester are hereby informed that as per their scheme of study they have to mandatorily complete a 40-days or minimum 80 hours internship after completion of their 6thsemester. After completion they have to present their work in a detailed report and also undergo a viva which carries a 100 marks component in their 7th semester scheme.

Due to the prevailing situation, it is advised that students should undergo online internships. Students are advised to look for and choose an appropriate online internship and start it as soon as their End Term Exams are over.

Some of the possible choices:

  1. Visit
  2. Popular Internship platform like Internshala, Letsintern, Internin, Interntheory etc
  3. Internships offered by different Govt, Private Organizations, MNCs. Startups etc.
  4. Projects under Academicians, Researchers of Institutes of Repute like IITs, NITs, DRDO etc
  5. Projects under Faculty members of GEU/GEHU (with prior permission)

While selecting an internship you may discuss with your class coordinator/mentor regarding the suitability.

Students who are already undergoing long term internships in an organization can continue with the same.

Notice: Mini Project Evaluation Notice for 4th and 6th Semester

Notice: Mini Project Evaluation Notice for 4th and 6th Semester

Due to prevailing situations mini project evaluation of 4th sem and 6th sem will be done in the online mode.

Each student of 4th sem (non GCCF students only) and 6th sem are required to prepare the following. (Note: 4th sem students who opted for GCCF will be evaluated as per their GCCF performances.):

  1. Video Presentation: Each student should prepare a video presentation of atleast 15 minutes giving complete details of their project. Wherever possible, the video should contain a demonstration of the project. The student should talk about the problem statement and motivation, the methodology followed, tools/languages used, working of the project, what new things he/she learned in the project. The video presentation should be named as UniversityRollNo_miniproject.extension (e.g.,2012011_miniproject.mp4)
  2. Soft Copy Report: Students should prepare a very short report on their work. Along with the title of the project, student name and roll no, the report should contain the problem statement, a brief motivation for doing the project and the methodology followed. The report should NOT exceed more than 10 pages. Name the report as UniversityRollNo_miniprojectreport.docx/pdf (e.g., 2012011_miniprojectreport.docx)

Students are advised to prepare the above and upload them in their google drive creating a shareable folder. They should keep the link of the shareable folder ready for submission.

Sharing of the shareable link: The students will have to submit the links of the shareable folders containing the files (video and report) on 15th May, 2021 between 10 AM to 11.30 AM. The exact details of how to submit the link will be notified in due time. Students are advised not to wait for the last day and complete all their work so that they are ready with the links on the day of submission.                           

 Mid Term Lab Exams for Data Structures Lab

 Mid Term Lab Exams for Data Structures Lab

The Midterm Lab exams for Data Structures for 4th Sem IT students (Regular and Back) will be held according to the following schedule.

Lab Date and Time Concerned Faculty Mode

Data Structures Lab

Saturday, 10th April, 2021

2 PM onwards

Mr. Upendra Aswal Hackerearth


Notice: Mid Term Lab Exams Schedule for remaining sections

Notice: Mid Term Lab Exams Schedule for remaining sections

The mid term lab exams of the remaining sections for the following subjects will be held as per the schedule below. Students of the concerned sections are advised to go through the same to understand the process clearly and contact the concerned faculty beforehand for any query. The changed pattern of exams is due to evolving situations.

Also note that the Department is considerate enough for the students living outside in this evolving scenario of Covid19. If any student is facing any difficulty or medical issues they should immediately contact the concerned faculty member or the class coordinator and their cases will be considered sympathetically.

Lab Date and Time Concerned Faculty Mode

For Sections B,D, E, H, ML, DS, CST and IT and remaining groups of A, C, F, G, CC, IS and D4

8th April, 2021, Thursday, 10:30 AM onwards Ankur Choudhary and Akansha Gupta and Dr. Sachin Sharma Hackerearth (Read Note 1 below)
PCS 610 DAA Lab

For Sections B,C,D,DS and ML

7th April, 2021, Wednesday

2 PM onwards

Akshay Rajput Hackerearth (Read Note 1 below)
PCS 601 Compiler Design Lab

For Section D and IT

9th April, 2021, Friday Ankit Tomer and Priyank Pandey Remote Access (Read Note 2 below)
PCS 693 Web Development Lab 8th April, 2021, Thursday, 10:30 AM onwards Manish Sharma and Parul Madan Hackerearth (Read Note 1 below)
PCS 691 Image Processing Lab 10th April, 2021

Saturday, 10:30 AM onwards

Dr. Manoj Diwaker Remote Access (Read Note 2 below)
PCS 402 Hadoop Fundamentals Lab 10th April, 2021

Saturday, 11 AM onwards

Dr. Vijay Singh Online (will be informed and proctored by concerned faculty member)


Note1: Students need to have a working gmail id for using hackerearth. They should provide their ids using the following forms positively by 5 PM of 6th April, 2021, Tuesday. They should create an account in hackerearth ( using the same email id (If they already have an account they can use the same and provide the same email in the following forms). Students not familiar with hackerearth environment should login and attempt demo tests (Demo Test link: Test password: PRACTICE, Open till 10 Apr, 2021.) On the day of exam login at the scheduled time and attempt the exam as per directions that will be provided in the question paper. Your code will be tested on input test cases. The exam will also contain MCQ in lieu of Viva.

For 4th sem students link for providing the email ids:

For 6th sem students link for providing the emaid ids:

Note2: Students will be provided logins for remote access. While writing code they have to write the names, univ roll nos, section and class roll no at the beginning of the code in comments. Their code will be saved and printed in the remote server. Viva will be taken by the concerned faculty members after completion of the code execution.