Notice: Final Year 8th Sem Student CSE and IT

It has been found that majority of the final year students are not attending their classes despite the academic session already started. This has been viewed seriously. It should be noted that the students have already submitted an affidavit during their registration regarding maintenance of minimum attendance criteria. Failure to adherence to the attendance criteria will result in getting debarred from exams and other evaluations.
Students are expected to attend classes immediately post their registrations. Since most of the students have failed to do so they are liable to be penalized. It has been decided that all students who have done their registrations but not attended a single class till Monday, 22 January will have their registrations cancelled. They will be required to re-register after taking due permission from Dean(Engg) and paying late fee as applicable.
Also there are a number of students who have not yet registered. They are required to contact their class coordinators immediately and explain their reasons for not registering.
Students who have taken NoC for joining an organization should note that they are invariably required to maintain their attendance till the date of joining the organization.