Mini Project Notice for 6th Semester Students

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Mini Project Notice for 6th Semester Students

The following lists mini-project topics for the students of BTech-CSE(Core, BDA, Cloud, Cyber), 6th semester and BTech-IT(6th Semester). Along with the project list name(s) of faculty member is(are) given who would act as the resource person for the topic. If there are any queries please contact the faculty member(s) directly to understand the requirements, tools and technologies to be used, final output format etc..

Evaluation Date: Second week of May. Exact dates of evaluation will be subsequently notified, ensure to complete your project work by first week of May.

Evaluation Panel(s) and Method: Will be notified

All projects need to be done individually. No group project allowed.


  1. All topics are open to all students across specializations except wherever mentioned. It means any topic can be selected by student(s) of core cse, BDA, cloud, cyber-security, IT. Some topics are marked exclusively for specializations, It means this topic can be choses only by the students of that particular specialization(s), however students of that specialization(s) are free to choose any other topic.