Additional Information Regarding End Term Exams

Additional Information Regarding End Term Exams

All students are hereby notified that the subjective question papers will be sent from designated email ids only. All students, regular and back paper students, will receive an email regarding the rules and regulations (the same notice as displayed in the website) from those designated email ids by 24 May 2020. For instance, if a student has six subjects in the examination, he/she will receive six emails from the designated email ids. This is to ensure that the students are aware of the email ids from where question papers will be sent.

Please save the email id in your contact list. If you do not receive a mail by 24th May first check your spam mail box. In that case mark the mail as Not Spam and save the email id in the contact list. If you do not receive a mail at all you might have given an incorrect email id, in that case, contact your class coordinator immediately. If students who are appearing in back papers do not receive this mail contact any one of the Nodal faculty members given below.

Once you save the email id in your contact list expect to get the question paper from the same email id on the designated day of exam by the time as mentioned in the detailed notice of rules and regulations.

There is a change in the Subjective Question delivery mode. It was observed during testing phase that some emails are being delivered late, hence, to avoid any issues with timings the question papers will now be made available in google drive (Links below). Question papers will made available on the scheduled date and the scheduled timings (10.55 AM for the morning session and 3.25 PM for the evening session) in the links. Please save the links for quick reference.

Semester Link for Question Paper


Alternatively, the question papers will also be mirrored in the following link at the same time.

Please download the subjective question paper from any of the above channels at the specified timings. If you encounter any difficulty in obtaining the question paper contact your class coordinator or the Nodal Faculty Members.


Keeping in view of this changed modality of exam a Departmental Committee has been formed to handle unexpected problems during the exam process. You may approach any faculty member of the committee for assistance in problems regarding exams. Note that the committee may not be able to help out in automated issues: for instance, if you are late for login or submission, so ensure you follow the timings strictly.

Departmental Nodal Faculty Members for handling exam related queries:

  1. Ankur Choudhary ( Phone No 9760316521)
  2. Sumit Pundir (9997219039) / Hemant Pokhriya (9634749537)
  3. Parul Madan (9557840852)