Departmental Nodal Team for Examinations

 Departmental Nodal Team for Examinations

The End Term exams 2020 for 3rd, 5th and 7th semester students are commencing on 17th November 2020 as per schedule already displayed. You must be already aware of the rules and regulations regarding the exam modalities. Please note carefully regarding the timings.

The Department has constituted the following Nodal Team to look into any last-minute problem arising on the days of exam. You may contact any of the following members if you encounter any significant issues. However, keep in mind that you should contact the committee member(s) only if your issue remains unresolved by contacting any of the grievance handling numbers in the Rules and Regulations document.

Also note that answer scripts are to be compulsorily uploaded in the LMS exam platform. No submissions through emails are accepted.

CSIT Nodal Committee for Exam Related Issues:

  1. Ankur Choudhary (Nodal Officer)-9760316521
  2. Sumit Pundir (Member)-9997219039
  3. Parul Madan (Member)-9557840852
  4. Hemant Pokhriya (Member) -9634749537
  5. Noor Mohd. (Member) -9897404423