Notice:Mini Project for 3rd and 5th (CSE & IT) Semester

The students of 3rd and 5th (CSE) Semester are hereby informed to complete the mini project before 10th Nov 2017. The viva-voce on Mini Project will be held on 10th and 11th Nov 2017. The students who will complete more than one project will get extra credit. The students are required to complete the mini project according to their semester and specialization as given. Other than the given project will not be evaluated as Mini project. Try to complete at least Three Mini projects. The mini Project for CC and BDA will be uploaded shortly.

5th Sem Project Link

3rd  Sem Project Link

Google Kickstart Challenge

It is hereby informed to all students of CS/IT that Google KickStart is going to start from 24/09/2017. You can visit the link and opt the challenge to get the internships in Google.

Programming Challenges for Internship and Jobs

The Students of CS/IT can opt the Programming Contest given in the Link for placement and Internship purpose. In this link many companies are hiring the professionals on the basis their programming skills, the students can show their programming skills and get higher package placement in product based companies. All the students are required to regularly visit this site to get the updates.

Notice: Final year Students (Regarding PDP Classes and Project)

The  7 Sem students who have not submitted their major project synopsis are required to submit it by tomorrow (20/09/2017) to their respective Guide otherwise they are likely to be marked as ABSENT.

The Final year students who are not attending the PDP classes regularly are required to attend the PDP Classes regularly otherwise strict action will be taken against the defaulters.

CoCubes Qualifying Test for Final year Students

The Following Final Year Students are required to appear in the Qualifying test given in the Link as:

Test Link:
Password: screening
Deadline: Sep 18, 11:55 PM
The Students who will be able to secure the threshold marks will only be considered for appearing in CoCubes Exam organized by the university.
Note: The students whose name is not in the list need not to appear in the Qualifying Test.
S.No. Enrollment Student Name Branch
1 GE-13207474 Kushagra Malviya CS
2 GE-13207729 Sparsh Kapoor IT
3 GE-14208056 Happy Negi IT
4 GE-14208410 Ankit Dangwal IT
5 GE-14208459 Soumya Singhal CS
6 GE-14208557 Abhilasha Sethi CS
7 GE-14208559 Aditi Upadhyay CS
8 GE-14208560 Aditya CS
9 GE-14208561 Aditya Kumar CS
10 GE-14208565 Aditya Singh CS
11 GE-14208573 Akshita Nibhoria CS
12 GE-14208587 Anshu Kansal CS
13 GE-14208591 Arpreet Singh CS
14 GE-14208594 Ashray Saini CS
15 GE-14208603 Bhaskar Jyoti Phukan CS
16 GE-14208612 Dhruv Chauhan CS
17 GE-14208613 Dhwani Shah CS
18 GE-14208622 Harsh Rawat CS
19 GE-14208635 Kajal Rawat CS
20 GE-14208637 Karanjeet Singh CS
21 GE-14208647 Megha Rai CS
22 GE-14208653 Mohit Gupta CS
23 GE-14208655 Mukul Tyagi CS
24 GE-14208660 Nihar Saini CS
25 GE-14208674 Prashant Tomar CS
26 GE-14208678 Rachit Kapruwan CS
27 GE-14208691 Rupsha Gupta CS
28 GE-14208695 Sahil Islam CS
29 GE-14208701 Sanskriti Khanna CS
30 GE-14208704 Sarthak Jain CS
31 GE-14208708 Shardul Bahuguna CS
32 GE-14208711 Shikhar Srivastava CS
33 GE-14208717 Shobhit Khandelwal CS
34 GE-14208718 Shray Dang CS
35 GE-14208719 Shreya Aron CS
36 GE-14208729 Somesh Rawat CS
37 GE-14208745 Tanya Bhatt CS
38 GE-14208749 Udai Bhanu Singh CS
39 GE-14208751 Vaibhav Gusain CS
40 GE-14208756 Vishal Jain CS
41 GE-14208760 Vivek Choudhary CS
42 GE-14208767 Kapil Pokhriyal CS
43 GE-14208901 Abhijeet Deshwal IT
44 GE-14208904 Aditya Saini IT
45 GE-14208910 Anubhav Sharma IT
46 GE-14208913 Ayush Gargya IT
47 GE-14208916 Deepanshu Negi IT
48 GE-14208917 Dhruv Sharma IT
49 GE-14208919 Divyesh Sharma IT
50 GE-14208921 Harshit Thakur IT
51 GE-14208922 Harvinder Singh Sethi IT
52 GE-14208926 Lakshya Pande IT
53 GE-14208933 Nayaab Ali IT
54 GE-14208938 Priyanka Rana IT
55 GE-14208940 Rajat Chaudhary IT
56 GE-14208944 Saksham Rastogi IT
57 GE-14208948 Shivam Panwar IT
58 GE-14208952 Shubham Singh Rawat IT
59 GE-14208953 Shubhangi Pant IT
60 GE-14208954 Siddarth Saxena IT
61 GE-14208956 Somenath Senpandey IT
62 GE-14208962 Venus Tyagi CS
63 GE-14208963 Vishal Verma IT
64 GE-14208964 Bikky Singh IT
65 GE-15209122 Manish Singh Negi CS

Mid Term Makeup Practical

The students who have filled the Mid Term Makeup Practical forms are required to contact the concerned faculty member as follows. The Practicals will be held from 19 Sep, 2017 to 23, Sep 2017.

Faculty Member Name Lab Name Contact No.
Mr. Hemant Singh Pokheria Logic Design lab (PCS301) 9634749537
Mr. Upendra Singh Aswal Data Structure Lab (PCS 302) 9410712790
Mr. Ankur Chaudhary Unix & Shell programming Lab (PCS 303) 9760316521
Mr. Vikash Tripathi Operating System lab (PCS 502) 9634596042
Mr. Kireet Joshi Design & Analysis of Algorithms  Lab (PCS 505) 7500275404

Department of Science and Technology and Texas Instruments invitation for India Innovation Challenge Design Contest – IICDC 2017

Students of all years (B.Tech, M.Tech and PhD) are invited to compete in ‘DST & Texas Instruments India Innovation Challenge Design Contest – IICDC 2017.’ This contest is anchored by NSRCEL, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) and supported by MyGov. The contest is open for all Indian engineering students pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate & Doctoral degrees with Indian engineering colleges.

The students may discuss their ideas with Mr. Deepak Pandey ( ) at B.Tech Block First Floor before registering and submitting them to day for submission is now 25th September. Student team need to fill 12 questions online on their ideas after registering. Once the idea is submitted, Student teams will get an acknowledgment mail from MyGov website.

Successfully selected ideas will be eligible to receive free component support worth upto USD 200 from Texas Instruments. In addition IIM Bangalore will provide free online course material and mentoring. Each selected team for Finals will receive Product Development Fund from DST for field testing and prototyping. Select finalist teams will be invited to Final Evaluation event in August 2018 and top teams will be selected for Incubation at IIMBangalore. Top teams will receive additional seed fund from DST to launch their startup. Certificates and Prizes are given at the various stages of the Contest.

Students can give their ideas a jump-start by sculpting their innovation with technical support from Texas Instruments, business mentorship from IIMB, funding and prizes of INR 3.8 crores from DST& TI. TOP 10 successful startups will be incubated at the NSRCEL of IIM Bangalore.

The IICDC 2016 Impact Report is available for your reference.

R Programming Workshop for 3rd Semester (04 Weeks)

It is hereby notified that a workshop on R Programming is being organized on every Monday at 09:00 AM to 10:50 AM at LT-09 for CS Sec- B and D and on every Friday at 03:00 PM to 5 PM at LT-06 for CS Sec-A and C.

Students are required to bring their laptops and install R-Studio and R before attending workshop.

For installation help please visit following links –


Please contact undersigned for any further query.

Ashish Garg

Career Enhancement Cell