Final Project VIVA of VIII Sem

Final Project VIVA of VIII sem students of CS/IT will be held on 20 may 2018 to 22 May 2018.
Detailed scheme will be intimated soon.

Ensure that every applicable detail is filled correctly. Check for spelling mistakes as spelling mistakes will be penalized. Ensure that each group submits the detail only once and preferably by the team leader. Multiple submissions done by multiple group members will be penalized. Submissions can be edited by the deadline after which no responses will be taken. The deadline is 3 PM of 17th May, 2018. You require to have a valid gmail id to fill this form.

Form Link

CS IT Final year farewell party invitation 2018

This is not a goodbye but a start to a new beginning. We are grateful for having seniors like you, to guide us through thick and thin and sharing moments of happiness and sorrow. We have seen a lot together and now we take this moment to wish you all the luck for your future endeavors. Life is beautiful and we are blessed sharing this journey with you.
 We’ve seen you work so hard over the past year to create new opportunities for yourself. Even though we are sad to see you go, we are so happy that you’re moving up in the world, and we are incredibly proud of the hard work you’ve put into your career. Good luck!
One last time, let’s all come together, have fun and reminisce the memories in the University.
So we are holding a farewell party, to bid our seniors adieu.
You are cordially invited for a beautiful evening at CS-IT Department on 12th of May 2018 at 3:30 p.m.