Notice:- 6th Semester Mini Project List

  1. Each allocation is being strictly done by the competent authority of our esteemed department, therefore no change in the project is permissible.
  2. The allocation is purely done on a first  come and first, serve choice basis wherein 90% of the students have given projects of their 1st and 2nd choice.
  3. There were a few students for whom all of their three choices were already occupied, therefore a project similar to their first choice is allocated.
  4. A smooth knowledge transition is expected between the student and the mentor throughout the completion of their project.
  5. In case of any discussions or queries write an application and send the same to @GARIMA SHARMA(
  6. Link


Notice:-Schedule of Supplementary Practical exam March 2022

Schedule of Supplementary Practical exam March 2022

Supplementary practical exam of B.Tech(CSE/IT/specialization)5th and 7th semester is scheduled as below. It will be conducted in offline mode only.

B.Tech-5 Semester
Subject Code Practical Faculty Date Time
(PCS503) DBMS Lab Dr. Manoj Diwakar


25-03-2022 9:30am-12:30pm
(PCS505) Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab Mr.Deepak Uniyal


25-03-2022 1:30pm-4:30pm
(PCS532) Data Science Using Scala Lab Ms. Garima Sharma(9958177157) 24-03-2022 9:30am-12:30pm
(PCS506) Operating Systems Lab Mr. Ankit Tomar


24-03-2022 1:30pm-4:30pm
(CSP501)/(ITP501) Mini Project Mr. Piyush Agarwal


23-03-2022 9:30am-12:30pm

Time Slot Mini Project Back Examination


(PIT508) Java Programming Lab Mr. Sanjeev Kukreti


23-03-2022 1:30pm-4:30pm


B.Tech-7 Semester
Subject Code Practical Faculty Date Time
(SCS701) Seminar on Industrial Interaction Dr. Guru Prasad


24-03-2022 9:30am-12:30pm
(CSP701) Major Project Phase 1 Dr. Guru Prasad


25-03-2022 9:30am-12:30pm



Notice:-Coursera X Graphic Era Learner Webinar

All the students were previously notified regarding recent collaboration with Coursera vide notice:

The learner webinar link and details can be found below:

Date: 11.03.2022
Timing: 02:00 pm to 03:00 pm
Venue: Zoom Call

Please join the seminar in the given time for a detailed hands on experience on Coursera Learner Portal.
The SPOC list.

Course Name Semester SPOC 1 Mailing Address SPOC 2 Mailing Address
B.Tech (CSE) 4 Mr Ashwini Kumar Dr Arun Chauhan
B. Tech (AI & DS) Dr Jyoti Agarwal Dr Sharon Christa
B. Tech CE Mr Ankit Tomar Dr Santosh Kumar
B. Tech CST Mr Ankit Gupta Dr Manoj Kumar
B. Tech CE_SPL Mr Deepak Uniyal Dr Manoj Diwaker
B. Tech CST_SPL1 Mr Yuvraj Joshi Dr Vishen Gupta
B. Tech CST_SPL2 Ms Sarishma Dr Sachin Sharma
B. Tech (CSE) 6 Mr Prabhdeep Singh Dr Guru Prasad
B. Tech CCIS(CC) Mr Piyush Agarwal Dr Upma Jain
B. Tech CCIS(IS) Ms Parul Madan Dr Surendra Shukla
B. Tech CE Mr Mahesh Kumar Dr Noor Mohd.
B. Tech CST Mr Priyank Pandey Dr Vikas Tripathi
B. Tech DS Mr Saurabh Mishra Dr Surendra Samant
B. Tech ML Ms Vishu Tyagi Dr. Kwadiki Karibasappa

Happy Learning!


All the 8th Semester students who have not taken NOC are hereby informed that the Major Project Review is scheduled for 8th, 9th, and 10th March 2022 in offline mode only. This review is scheduled to demonstrate your major project work done till now.

The groups have been assigned a panel for evaluation. Please find the assigned panel, group information from the below files, and meet the appropriate examiner on the specified Date & Time:




The students should ensure that they have met the examiner so that their viva is conducted without any issue.

The viva will be held in offline mode and will start from 9.00 AM onwards. The groups should be available on time and may be required to wait for their turn. If a group does not attend the viva on the specified date, they will be summarily marked absent and they will not receive any marks for the viva part. Students should clearly note that all the group members should be available offline together at the specified time for viva.

Notice: Graphic Era X Coursera

The department is joyful in announcing our recent collaboration with Coursera for various emerging value added course certifications from well known international universities like Yale, Rice, Illinois, Michigan, etc and from global market leaders like Google, IBM, Microsoft,etc .
It will provide an opportunity to master sought after skills and become impactful specialists in different technologies that can be recognized by top leaders. The other features include learning by your own pace and globally recognizable certificates.

A detailed learner webinar from team Coursera is planned for next week for our students. Keep checking this official department website for further information here.

Happy Learning!

Team Graphic Era X Coursera

Notice: 6th Semester Mini Project Allocation Details

All 6th semester students were previously notified regarding their mini projects vide notice:

The students are now required to register their mini project choices using the following link. As already mentioned, there is a maximum cap on the number of students who can opt for a single topic, so fill in at least 03 unique choices so that you may get one out of them. The allocation will be purely on a first come first serve basis and the allocation list will be shared in a week’s time after the last date of registration.

The registration link is:

Important Note :

1. All the students are mapped to this server, in case of access related issue connect with Mr Anil Pal: +91-9997508864, Mr Dharmesh: +91-9634423264

2. For login, userid – unique Admission ID of each student and password – Moodle@123

3. For understanding the steps, Use the following video follow the process video:

4. The last date of Registration is 02:00 PM of Thursday, 10 March 2022.