8th Semester Major Project Evaluation Notice

8th Semester Major Project Evaluation Notice

Conventional Major Project Final Evaluation 2020 is replaced by online Evaluation. The conventional scheme marks is divided into three parts [Project Phase-II(which is based on report and project demonstration), Seminar (which is based on presentation) and Comprehensive Viva-Voce(which is based on viva)]. The marking scheme will remain the same, however evaluation will be held in the following manner:

  1. Soft Copy Report Submission: Students should prepare a comprehensive report on their project and upload the soft copy of the report in the same Google Drive where they are uploading their Mid-Term assignments (the shareable drive named after their University Roll Nos). For group projects combined report will be prepared however each student will upload a copy in their individual google drive. For example, if the roll nos 2011010, 2011011 and 2011012 have done a project in group they will prepare a single report, but the same report must be uploaded by each of the students in their individual drives. The report should be saved in either doc/docx or pdf format. The file should be simply named: projectreport.docx/pdf

The report should be prepared by following the guidelines available at: http://csitgeu.in/wp/btp2020/btpreport.pdf

  1. Video Presentation Submission: Each student should prepare a video presentation of atleast 15 minutes giving complete details of their project. Wherever possible, the video should contain a demonstration of the project. The student should talk about the problem statement and motivation, the methodology followed and his/her specific role in the project. It should be obvious that for group projects each student should prepare his/her own individual presentation video.

The video file should be named projectvideo_universityrollno.externsion (for example, projectvideo_2011010.extension) and uploaded to the same shareable drive.

It is recommended that the students prepare the report with guidance of their supervisors and mail a copy to their supervisors for approval before uploading to their drive.

The marks for all the three components will be suitable divided among the report and the video.

The last date for uploading the Report and the Video is Sunday, 14 June, midnight.

For any query regarding your project you should consult your respective supervisor. For any other query get in contact with your class coordinator or Exam Nodal officers of the Department.