Mini Project Evaluation Notice for 4th and 6th Sem


Mini Project Evaluation Notice for 4th and 6th Sem

Conventional Mini Project Final Evaluation 2020 for both 4 and 6th semester is replaced by online Evaluation. Each student has to prepare the following:

  1. Video Presentation: Each student should prepare a video presentation of atleast 15 minutes giving complete details of their project. Wherever possible, the video should contain a demonstration of the project. The student should talk about the problem statement and motivation, the methodology followed, tools/languages used, working of the project, what new things he/she learned in the project. The video presentation should be named as UniversityRollNo_miniproject.extension (e.g.,2012011_miniproject.mp4)
  2. Soft Copy Report Submission: Students should prepare a very short report on their work. Along with the title of the project, student name and roll no, the report should contain the problem statement, a brief motivation for doing the project and the methodology followed. The report should NOT exceed more than 3 pages. Name the report as UniversityRollNo_miniprojectreport.docx/pdf (e.g., 2012011_miniprojectreport.docx)

Submission: The video and the report should be uploaded to the same drive which was used for submitting the Mid Term Assignments and Presentations. Since the link is already available with your class coordinator you are not required to submit the link details again. Also delete all the previous contents in the drive like your midterm assignments and video presentations.

The last date for uploading the Video and the Report is Saturday, 20 June, midnight.

Students who have filled for even semester back exams in Mini Projects should also follow the same dates. They will upload their videos and report in a shareable drive (name it as your UniversityRollNo) and send the link to Piyush Agarwal, Asst Prof at piyush221292 AT by the deadline.