Notice: Regarding Mini Project of 6th semester

Notice: Regarding Mini Project of 6th semester

All the students of 6th semester have already received the topics for Mini project. Apart from being a compulsory component of the evaluation scheme miniprojects are essentially queried during placement interviews in the next semester.

Keeping in view of the importance all 6th semester students are directed to inform their mentors about the project they have chosen by Monday, 1st March, 2021. Any technical queries should be discussed with the faculty resource person before finalizing the topic. The information of the projects chosen by the students will be directly taken from the mentors. Also, a mini project progress evaluation will be held during end of March 2021. No clarifications will be provided later to students who fails to inform their mentors regarding their projects.

Students can also contact the following for any clarification regarding mini projects between 4PM to 5PM by Monday, 1st March, 2021

Dr. Devesh Pratap Singh, Prof and Head

D. Bordoloi, Associate Prof