Notice: Mini Project Notice for 3rd Semester

Mini Project Notice for 3rd Semester

All students of 3rd Semester (CSE, CE, CE-Specializations, CST, CST-Specializations, AI&DS) are notified regarding their mini projects. The mini-project topics are available here: Click Here

As the 3rd semester students are not familiar with mini-projects, the following information is shared so that they are ready with the requirements:

  1. Mini Projects are part of the scheme of study every semester starting from 3rd semester to 6th It consists of 100 marks.
  2. It consists of working on a topic given by the Department. The topics are usually mid sized projects that involves extensive coding work resulting in building a fully working product. The students are expected to follow strict coding standards.
  3. Each student will work individually on their own. There are no group projects.
  4. The topics are provided by faculty members who will work as a resource person for the topic. The students are expected to contact the concerned faculty member to understand the details of the project.
  5. Each student will need to register their topics. The registration page will be open on 17th September, 2021. The list is provided in advance so that students can decide their working area as well as consult the concerned faculty members for guidance.
  6. There will be a cap of 10 for each topic, i.e., one topic can be selected by maximum 10 students. This option will be enabled in the topic registration portal. Once a topic attains the limit, the topic will automatically get removed from the portal. The allocation will thus happen in First come first serve basis. Students are hence advised to register the topics as soon as the portal is open.