Mid Term Lab Exams for Data Structures Lab

 Mid Term Lab Exams for Data Structures Lab

The Midterm Lab exams for Data Structures for 4th Sem IT students (Regular and Back) will be held according to the following schedule.

Lab Date and Time Concerned Faculty Mode

Data Structures Lab

Saturday, 10th April, 2021

2 PM onwards

Mr. Upendra Aswal Hackerearth


Notice: Mid Term Lab Exams Schedule for remaining sections

Notice: Mid Term Lab Exams Schedule for remaining sections

The mid term lab exams of the remaining sections for the following subjects will be held as per the schedule below. Students of the concerned sections are advised to go through the same to understand the process clearly and contact the concerned faculty beforehand for any query. The changed pattern of exams is due to evolving situations.

Also note that the Department is considerate enough for the students living outside in this evolving scenario of Covid19. If any student is facing any difficulty or medical issues they should immediately contact the concerned faculty member or the class coordinator and their cases will be considered sympathetically.

Lab Date and Time Concerned Faculty Mode

For Sections B,D, E, H, ML, DS, CST and IT and remaining groups of A, C, F, G, CC, IS and D4

8th April, 2021, Thursday, 10:30 AM onwards Ankur Choudhary and Akansha Gupta and Dr. Sachin Sharma Hackerearth (Read Note 1 below)
PCS 610 DAA Lab

For Sections B,C,D,DS and ML

7th April, 2021, Wednesday

2 PM onwards

Akshay Rajput Hackerearth (Read Note 1 below)
PCS 601 Compiler Design Lab

For Section D and IT

9th April, 2021, Friday Ankit Tomer and Priyank Pandey Remote Access (Read Note 2 below)
PCS 693 Web Development Lab 8th April, 2021, Thursday, 10:30 AM onwards Manish Sharma and Parul Madan Hackerearth (Read Note 1 below)
PCS 691 Image Processing Lab 10th April, 2021

Saturday, 10:30 AM onwards

Dr. Manoj Diwaker Remote Access (Read Note 2 below)
PCS 402 Hadoop Fundamentals Lab 10th April, 2021

Saturday, 11 AM onwards

Dr. Vijay Singh Online (will be informed and proctored by concerned faculty member)


Note1: Students need to have a working gmail id for using hackerearth. They should provide their ids using the following forms positively by 5 PM of 6th April, 2021, Tuesday. They should create an account in hackerearth (https://www.hackerearth.com/) using the same email id (If they already have an account they can use the same and provide the same email in the following forms). Students not familiar with hackerearth environment should login and attempt demo tests (Demo Test link: https://p.hck.re/CcrK Test password: PRACTICE, Open till 10 Apr, 2021.) On the day of exam login at the scheduled time and attempt the exam as per directions that will be provided in the question paper. Your code will be tested on input test cases. The exam will also contain MCQ in lieu of Viva.

For 4th sem students link for providing the email ids:


For 6th sem students link for providing the emaid ids:


Note2: Students will be provided logins for remote access. While writing code they have to write the names, univ roll nos, section and class roll no at the beginning of the code in comments. Their code will be saved and printed in the remote server. Viva will be taken by the concerned faculty members after completion of the code execution.

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