Important: Online Class Access Details w.e.f. 4th Jan, 2021

Important: Online Class Access Details w.e.f. 4th Jan, 2021

All the students are notified that their regular classes will start on online mode from Monday,  4th Jan, 2021 as per timetable. All classes will be managed through Moodle LMS.

Attendance will be automatically calculated based on your login for the classes according to the time-table.  Ensure that you maintain the minimum attendance criteria of 75%.

While login ensure that you use the specific IP address only as per the following table. If you login from a different IP address your attendance will not get marked. The concerned faculty member will have NO manual control over your attendance, so ensure to save your login iP.

Moodle Address for various semester and Branch

Moodle Address Who will use this 4th  Sem IT,

6th Sem IT

and 8th Sem IT 4th  Sem CSE (Core) 6th Sem CSE(Core) 8th Sem CSE(Core) 4th  Sem CSE( CC, DS, ML, IS)


8th  Sem CSE(CC, BDA and Cyber Security) 4th  Sem CE,CST,SE and D4


6th  sem IBM (CC, DS, ML)

Note1: All 8th Semester Students(CSE, CC, BDA, Cyber and IT) will use the IP for Elective Subjects irrespective of their Specializations