Notice: Major Project Phase-I Design Document/SRS Submission Notice

All 7th Semester students are notified of submission of Major Project Phase-I evaluation. The evaluation is completely offline. The evaluation is for 100 marks.

Phase-I evaluation consist of submitting a professional standard Design Document/SRS. Though there is no specified format you are expected to adhere to best practices. You can also use standard templates for the report preparation.

Based on the nature of the project your report may contain the following (it is a suggested outline only, consult your supervisor for guidance):

  • Front Page (Sample front page at:  – Change the year to 2021
  • Certificate of Supervisor (Signed with date) (Matter of certificate at: )
  • Table of contents, figures, and tabular data
  • Problem Summary, Aims, and Objectives
  • A detailed description of the problem with facts and figures
  • Detailed Literature Review
  • Methodology to be adopted
  • UML Diagrams detailing class relations, E-R Diagram, Database Schema, etc. wherever applicable
  • Expected Outcome
  • References in IEEE style

Note: There is no minimum or maximum prescribed number of pages. Every major heading should start on a new page. Uniform standard should be maintained regarding font and size. Each figure and table should be properly numbered and have captions.

You should prepare your report to the satisfaction of your supervisor. Only after your supervisor provides the consent you should bind the report.

If you have not submitted your details in google form as per previous notice you can still submit the report, but marks will be deducted.

Changes in project title is permitted with consultation with your guide/supervisor, you do not send any application for that. However, the title in the report should be the final one.

Method and Date of Submission: After preparing the Design Document it should be spiral binded. The report should be submitted to your supervisor only latest by 1 PM of Thursday, 16 December. Once you submit the report to your supervisor you have to confirm the same using the following link:

45 percent of marks will be provided by the supervisor based on his/her evaluation as well as progress of work during the semester and 55% marks will be provided by an expert panel based on the report.