Solve for Tomorrow

Solve for Tomorrow

 It gives us pleasure to inform you that Samsung has launched the “Solve for Tomorrow” competition, a flagship CSR program to drive social change.

It would be a wonderful opportunity for the many young and talented minds at Colleges / Universities to participate in this competition.

“Solve for Tomorrow” is an education and innovation competition that invites youth in India to come up with innovative ideas that can transform the lives of people and communities around them.

The inaugural edition of Solve for Tomorrow aims to provide support to youth in India aged 16-22 years from across cities, towns, and villages to turn their ideas into action.

The competition is inviting ideas in the areas of Education, Environment, Healthcare, and Agriculture, the priority UN Sustainable Development Goals for India.

Pls. refer to the below details for more information.

We request you to share the information within your university groups and cascade the below links to respective students.

Find out more about the competition on the following links:

Application website:

YouTube Video:

Once you have completed the registration you have to fill out the following form