Final Year Major Project 2022-23: Select broad Research Area



Final Year Major Project 2022-23: Select broad Research Area

All the final year students are hereby informed that the Department Project Review Committee (DPRC) finalized the below-mentioned broad research areas to develop the final year project. The research areas are provided by the faculty members and faculties will work as resource persons for that research area.

Please find the faculty’s broad research area here:

From the above-mentioned research areas, students have to identify the minimum 3 suitable research areas for their final year project. Students have to form a group of a maximum of 04 members (same specialization) to work on the research project. Students are advised to update their research areas along with group members’ information on or before 4th September 2022 in the below link.

Note: DPRC will allocate the guide, based on the research area choices and availability of faculty members.

Server Address for Audit Course: TOC 501 – Foundation of Data Science (5th Semester only)

Server Address for Audit Course: TOC 501 – Foundation of Data Science (5th Semester only)

All the students from above sections are mapped accordingly. You can start accessing the course via above mentioned server addresses.

In case of any difficulty in accessing the server or unable to login or any password related issue, kindly connect to Mr. Abhishek Bhatt, Param Lab: +91- 9557007880

Coordinator List(July-Dec.2022)

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Coordinator List (July-Dec. 2022)
Semester and Section Class Coordinator’s Name Contact No.
3 CSE-A Mr. Hemant Pokhariya 9634749537
3 CSE-B Dr. Mahesh Kumar 7851992509
3 CSE-C Mr. Yuvraj Joshi 9639878487
3 CSE-D Mr. Kireet Joshi 7500275404
3 CSE-E  Mr. Piyush Agarwal/ Siddhant Thapliyal 7829983490/9759073507
3 CSE-F Mr. Piyush Agarwal/Dr. Surendra Kumar Shukla 7829983490/9827245131
3 CSE-G Ms. Sarishma 8979072273
3 CSE-H Mr. Pankaj Kumar 9582712120
3 CSE-I Mr. Pankaj Kumar 9582712120
3 CE Mr. Hemant Pokhariya 9634749537
3 CE-Spl Mr. Sanjeev Kukreti 9997226690
3 CST Mr. Sanjeev Kukreti 9997226690
3 CST-Spl Dr. Mahesh Kumar 781992509
3 AI&ML Dr. Guru Prasad/ Dr. Jyoti Agarwal 9686930845/8130124121
3 AI&DS Dr. Jyoti Agarwal 8130124121
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Coordinator List (July-Dec.2022)
Semester and Section Class Coordinator’s Name Contact No.
5 CSE-A Dr. Manoj Diwaker 9648676112
5 CSE-B Dr. Vishan K Gupta 9650405854
5 CSE-C Dr. Priya Matta 9557431022
5 CSE-D Mr. Priyank Pandey 9560950771
5 CSE-E Mr. Saurabh Mishra 9458645669
5 CSE-F Ms. Parul Madan 9557840852
5 CSE-G Ms. Garima Sharma 9958177157
5 CSE-H Mr. Vivek Tomar 9999895917
5 CSE-I Dr. Ankur Chaudhary 9760316521
5 CE Mr. Yuvraj Joshi 9639878487
5 CE-Spl Dr. Sharon Christa 7090511422
5 CST Ms. Vishu Tyagi 9990456207
5 CST-Spl1 Dr. Aditya Pai H 9739863721
5 CST-Spl2 Dr. Prakash Srivastava 9415250816
5 AI&DS Mr. Prabhdeep Singh 9041726540
7 CSE A Mr. Ramesh Singh Rawat 9412379001
7 CSE B Dr. Vishan K Gupta 9650405854
7 CSE C Dr. Akansha Gupta 7017536952
7 CSE D Dr. Sumit Pundir 9997219039
7 CSE E Mr. Ankit Tomer 9458608938
7 CSE F Dr. Manoj Kumar 8769366286
7 CSE G Mr. Ankit Tomer 9458608938
7 CSE H Dr. Upma jain 8305517539
7 CSE D4 Dr. Surendra Kumar Shukla 9827245131
7 CC+IS Ms. Neha Tripathi 8077128435
7 ML Mr. Manish Sharma 9634432297
7 DS Dr. Vijay Singh 9760322316
7 SE Mr. Ashwini Kumar 9999022385
7 CE Dr. Surendra Singh Samant 9951465351
7 CST Dr. Surendra Kumar Shukla 9827245131
7 IT Dr Noor Mohd 9897404423

Mid Term Back Practical Examination of passing out batch 2023 Schedule, Aug.’22.

The Mid Term Back Practical Examination of the following subjects will be held as per the below schedule. The Lab practical exam will have three components write-up, execution, and viva-voce.

IIIrd Semester
Subjects Name with Code            :  Faculty Name Timing
OOPS with C++ Lab (PCS307) Mr. Sanjeev Kukreti 8-Aug-22
10:00 AM onwards
Fundamental of Cloud Computing and Bigdata Lab (PCS351) Dr. Sachin Sharma 8-Aug-2022
12:00 PM onwards
Vth Semester
Subjects Name with Code             Faculty Name Timing
DAA Lab (PCS505) Ms. Meenakshi Maindola 8-Aug-2022
10:00 AM onwards
Operating Systems Lab (PCS506) Mr. Yuvraj Singh 8-Aug-2022
12:00 PM onwards
DBMS Lab(PCS503) Mrs. Parul Madan  8-Aug-2022
2:00 PM onwards

Note: Contact the concerned faculties for more details.

Microsoft Data Analyst Associate (DA-100) – 100 hours training program by Honeywell and ICT Academy

ICT Academy in its endeavour to create a new generation talent pool has been working all along with Government Departments and Corporates in initiating Skill Development Training Programs for the youth in various sectors.

  Honeywell has inked a MoU with ICT Academy to implement its CSR initiative across states including Uttarakhand (Graphic Era Deemed to be University) in India to skill graduating final year students on Advanced IT Skills. Honeywell seeing abundant job opportunities available for the youth in the IT & ITES industry, has initiated to skill the graduating final year students from the rural and low-income family groups, thus helping them build their socio-economic levels. The objective is to skill the student youth and prepare them to be deployable resources.

ICT Academy through its Institutional tie-up with Graphic Era Deemed to be University, for skilling youth has taken up the responsibility to implement the initiative. The features of the training are given below.

  Salient features of the Training Program 

  • Establishing a Centre of Excellence (COE) under the CSR initiative of Honeywell.
  • The COE is for skilling 110 girl students in Advanced Technology, in demand in the industry.
  • Curriculum is mapped to Global Industry Standards.
  • Joint Certification by Honeywell and ICT Academy to the youth successfully completing the training.
  • 100 hours of activity-based and hands-on training.
  • The Certificate Program is fully sponsored by Honeywell supported by ICT Academy and offered free of cost to the girl students.
  • Placement drives would be organized for students successfully complete the training.

 Mode of Delivery of the training 

  • OFFLINE – 100 hours

  Mandatory Requirements 

  • Only girl students passing out in 2023 is to be nominated.
  • Registered candidates have to give a declaration of completing the course.
  • Candidates must be willing to take up a job.
  • Candidates should register in the link shared.

  Assessment & Certification 

  • Candidates must clock a minimum of 90% attendance.  There will be strict monitoring of attendance.
  • Internal assessments through mock sessions and workshops will be conducted.
  • There will be a final assessment conducted.
  • Successful girl students will be issued with a joint certification from Honeywell and ICT Academy.

  Placement Facilitation 

  • ICT Academy has a Strategic Alliance Department to collaborate with the Corporates to take care of supplying resources.
  • Year on year ICT Academy has been increasing its tie-up with local and city-based companies for recruitment opportunities for trained resources.
  • Will organize placement drives for placement opportunities for the trained youth.

  Who Can Apply? 

  • Girl Students pursuing Pre – Final year graduation in Circuit Branches in Engineering – Btech CSE, Btech IT, Btech CE,  BSc IT or BCA, MCA (2023 Passing Out).
  • Girl Students with 60% and above throughout their academics. (in Class X, Class XII and in graduation up to the current semester).

The seats are allocated on first come first serve basis. Total seats available: 110

Students who wish to participate in this training are requested to register themselves at :

IMPORTANT NOTE: Strict action will be taken against defaulters. Kindly register only if you are willing to attend the training.

For any Query Contact Prof.  Sarishma.