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Graphic Era X Metacrafters : Register for “Blockchain and AI is the future” launch event.


Dear Students,

Curious about web3 and AI? Graphic Era X Metacrafters is here to bring opportunities to our computer science students interested in building the future. To get you all ready to learn, earn, and stand out from the crowd.

Metacrafters is unlocking accessible, high-quality education across the world through blockchain & a learn-and-earn protocol. Students learn from leading expert devs, gain employable skills, and earn scholarships. Courses range from beginner to advanced and teach how to code on the most popular chains including Solidity (Ethereum), Polygon, Flow (Dapper Labs), Java Script with AI courses.

All our Computer Science students are eligible to be part of the Metacrafters courses, stay tuned on the details of the launch event on March 16th at 9:30 AM. Sheila Marcelo, CEO and Ragini Pathak, SVP of Products will be visiting our university for fireside chat and discussion to tell us more about Blockchain, courses and scholarships. The courses will be free to the students, and upon successful completion of the project/s a student may get:

  • A Proof of Learn NFT that serves as a permanent, public credential written to the blockchain.
  • ~₹16500 given to the university to be put towards your future university tuition.
  • Click here to express your interest in attending the event.

There will be cool swags for all attendees and many more hampers such as iPhone air pods, etc. to the best performers. For further details, kindly write into Faculty coordinator below.

Faculty Coordinator

Garima Sharma

Mail id – garimaverma@geu.ac.in

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