DrishTI Online Contest on October 28, 2017

Location: Lab 1, CSIT block basement (in case of a change we will inform you)
Date: October 28, 2017
Time Slots10:00 – 11:00 am12:00 – 1:00 pm and 2:00 – 3:00 pm ( you can choose your slot on a first come first served basis)
Note : There is no pass/fail in this Online Test. Every student will receive a certificate from TI on participation and Winners will receive TI Launchpad Kits.
The platforms on which the test will be held are:

  • LIC- Analog (Linear Intergrated Circuits)
  • MSP430
  • TIVA
  • C2000
  • WEBENCH (suggested as it is easy and interesting!)

Students can also refer to the sample question papers and preparatory exercises made available on WEBENCH tab portal along with webinar series: visit www.ti.com/ti-webinar-series 

DrishTI is an initiative by Texas Instruments (TI) India University Program to complement the curriculum based learning with application oriented concepts relevant to the Industry. Through this initiative we aim to bridge the gap between classroom learning and industry relevant skills. DrishTI features a webinar series on analog and embedded technologies from industry experts followed an online contest every week where students can test their learning, improve their knowledge and win exciting prizes.

Why Participate
DrishTI enables students to build upon their classroom learning, strengthen their concepts and apply them to various application areas. The learning resources and contests are customized for a diverse range of technology which increase in level from basics to application based learning. Students get to learn various concepts from the vast educational resources provided by TI tailored for academia. This will ensure that students learn progressively and become industry ready for a successful career.

  • Competitive advantage to learn, analyze and apply your skills at your convenience
  • Develop the technical skills required to excel in Industry
  • Explore the state-of-the-art technology from Texas Instruments

Please find below the Registration and booking slot process that needs to be followed for DrishTI Online test:

· Students needs to go to the registration page to register for the first time. URL –
· After filling the details successfully, an email will be sent to the email address
entered at the time of registration.
· This email will have Username and Password. Students needs to enter this login
credential on – http://drishti.online/
· If a student forgets the password, they can refer to “forgot password option”.

Booking Slot
· Once the student has registered and activated the account, they will now be able to
book the respective slot allocated by the college.
· They need to login to profile (if they are not logged in) and then click on reserve slot.
· All the students need to book the slot well in advance before the test time, at least 3-4 hours before taking the online test, we recommend booking the slot a day before.
· Once the slot is booked it can’t be changed.
· “Take Test” button will become activated exactly at the time for which the slot was

MyTI login
Users also need to make sure that they register to MyTI portal before they take test. It is a one-time mandatory step for taking online contest. For answering few queries users need to access myTI portal.
Link to myTI  – https://www.ti.com/myti/docs/homepage.tsp?sectionId=710
Important points:
· Please ensure that you have entered the full name of your college.
· After email validation the student needs to go to his/her myTI profile page and select
occupation as student and enter his/her graduation date.
· Important: Be a part of the webinar series: visit www.ti.com/ti-webinar-series

Students who register for the above test please send an email confirming your test slot to dcpande@gmail.com. In case of any queries, please contact Deepak Pandey at 9997756323.