Important Instructions Regarding Classes starting on 4th January, 2021

The Department of CSE welcomes all the students for the new session starting from 4th January, 2021.

Based on the consent provided by the students the Department is starting offline classes for the students who have provided the consent for the same. As per guidelines we are starting with Lab classes and Project guidance. Also, students can meet faculty members for doubt clearance after taking proper appointment. Please read the following points carefully:

  1. All students who have provided consent for offline classes will follow all the common guidelines issued by the University before attending the classes.
  2. The students (4th and 6th sem) are divided into sections for the purpose of the offline classes (see the sections at ). Please note that these sections are for the offline lab classes, do not confuse them with the regular sections.
  3. The time-tables (4th and 6th semester) for the offline classes are available at the link
  4. The lab classes will be held in the morning session as per the time table.
  5. 8th semester has no lab sessions. Hence, the students of 8th semester who have given consent for attending offline sessions will meet their project supervisors regarding their projects. The supervisors will give them specific time-bound tasks regarding their projects.
  6. The theory classes will continue in the online mode. The time tables for online classes is available at
  7. For the benefit of students online lab classes will continue along with offline lab sessions.
  8. Please follow safety guidelines strictly. Students should be wearing masks all the time. They should also carry sanitizers with them and frequently clean their hands. Maintain distance with your fellow students and faculty members. Avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily. Do not crowd common areas like canteens, staff rooms, parking lot, wash rooms etc. Do not shake hands with each other. Avoid moving in groups.
  9. For any doubt contact your class coordinator.