Mid Term Back Practical Examination of passing out batch 2023 Schedule, Aug.’22.

The Mid Term Back Practical Examination of the following subjects will be held as per the below schedule. The Lab practical exam will have three components write-up, execution, and viva-voce.

IIIrd Semester
Subjects Name with Code            :  Faculty Name Timing
OOPS with C++ Lab (PCS307) Mr. Sanjeev Kukreti 8-Aug-22
10:00 AM onwards
Fundamental of Cloud Computing and Bigdata Lab (PCS351) Dr. Sachin Sharma 8-Aug-2022
12:00 PM onwards
Vth Semester
Subjects Name with Code             Faculty Name Timing
DAA Lab (PCS505) Ms. Meenakshi Maindola 8-Aug-2022
10:00 AM onwards
Operating Systems Lab (PCS506) Mr. Yuvraj Singh 8-Aug-2022
12:00 PM onwards
DBMS Lab(PCS503) Mrs. Parul Madan  8-Aug-2022
2:00 PM onwards

Note: Contact the concerned faculties for more details.